Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Ideas, new directions

When I started this blog I had intended it to simply be a place to vent my feelings about writing. I also hoped it would be a good tool to help me become a better writer, whilst learning more about other writers and their struggles.

It hasn't taken long to figure out that I still have a lot to learn. There are places I would like to take this blog, but I can't go there without your help. I feel almost as if the majority of my post have been more like complaints, and no one likes a downer.

Therefore, if I am to improve, how can I do this without you? You are the reason I am even here.

I need to know what you would like to hear. Inspiring stories? Book Reviews? My crazy opinions? Snippets of creative stories? I want to know it all!

Please, be brutally honest! What do you absolutely hate about what you have read? And what can I do to change that? Blogs should be a place for everyday people to find a common ground and relate to each other. So give me your opinion!

If you don't want to post your thoughts in a public forum, you may e-mail me at

I really want to learn from you. That is the whole point, it won't be a journey if I don't grow. Thanks for your help, and thanks for even taking the time to read. You have no idea how my heart fills with joy to know that people out there actually care.

Thank you!
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