Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring again

I don't know about everyone else but I had a fantastic weekend! Here is a list a few of the more exciting things that happened.

1. I met Marie Osmond.
2. I got a date with the hubby.
3. I bought a whole outfit at Nordstrom rack for $50.00.
4. I stuffed my face.
5. My kids had an excellent Easter egg hunt.
6. I ate candy until I was sick.

Since I am still coming off of this high, I thought I would share one fun thought about spring/Easter.

It came to my realization this weekend that spring/Easter is all about second chances. I hate winter, I hate how everything dies and it's cold and icky for months. But spring reminds me that there is a cycle to life in which that ugly yellow lawn and that bare aspen tree become something beautiful once again. It fills me with hope for the good things to come in the rest of the year. A reminder that each day is new and we can always start again.

On a side note, here is an incredibly cute picture of my daughter -
Happy Spring!

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Persian Poetess said...

I have an orchard myself so I definitely know about "ugly trees" becoming pretty again...especially when they're stocked full of fragrant buds or juicy fruit!