Thursday, May 12, 2011

Finding my Groove

Yesterday I had no problem writing. I was able to write two thousand words in a little over an hour. It felt good to finally be getting back into the grove of things. It's amazing how your attitude can really affect your writing. One little thing happening during the day can change how you feel when you write. Which, in turn, is translated to the page.

I used to think that having the desire to write was enough. It's not. I have the desire everyday to hone my craft, but that doesn't always translate to the page. Although I am still writing every day, I am also getting easily distracted. (If you've been following me on twitter, you know)

One of the hardest things to do is to turn off those distractions. I love social networking, always have. But there comes a point when you have to let Facebook go and turn your attention on what matters more.

The past few days my writing has gone something like this:

The wind gathered around them, flying in circles and lifting her fingers until she felt she could fly... Oh man, did someone really just say that? I have to give them my opinion. Oh, writing, yes, back to writing... She held onto that feeling, but soon the wind became intense... Yes! I got a new e-mail!

Well, you get the drift. So how did I get over my short attention span and hunger for social media? I turned off the internet. It was the only way. Every time I was tempted to hit that cute little fox curled around the globe, I couldn't - there would be no internet to welcome me.

I didn't just turn it off through my computer either, my modem had to be shut down. Otherwise I'd be hooked up again with just a few clicks. I'm trying this for the next few days as way to train myself to leave the lovely, glowing, internet behind and get back to work!

How about you? What keeps you from getting things done? Share your tricks and tips so we can all learn how to be more productive.

Also, the lovely Catlin Vincent gave me the versatile blogger award! A sincere thank you to her! Check out her blog if have a chance, it's a party over there!
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