Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gone with the ending

Book-to-movie adaptations. When I say that line does it make your skin crawl, or does it put a smile on your face? For me it can really go either way.

Right now, I'm reading Little Women (I told you I would!) and pieces of the movie keep floating back to me. It's been a long time since I've seen the movie so I don't really know how close it is to the book, but I remember quite a few of the scenes I have read being in the movie.

Which makes me think about which book-to-movie adaptations have failed or prospered.

Unlike most people my age, I read "Gone With the Wind" before I saw the movie. When I finished it I was depressed for three weeks straight. Margret Mitchell gives you no hope of Scarlett ever finding happiness. In fact the entire book she makes you believe that one day Scarlett will figure it all out and make a life for herself, but it never happens. You leave the book with zero hope for Scarlett's future.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I watched the movie. I was bracing myself to feel the awful pain I felt when I finished the book. The movie was very close what I had read, so I expected the ending to be true. But it wasn't, Scarlett, out of nowhere, gets a positive attitude. She will make the best of things, which is hardly true to her character.

It surprised me, but I was glad. I wanted to hold onto that hope. Then I could stop worrying about what happened to Scarlett forever. Because even if the ending wasn't true, it made sense that she would do those things, even if she didn't think of them in that moment of utter loss.

Then I thought of how I would feel if someone took my book and changed the ending. The ending is the part where you hang everything you have just written. It tells the reader what the story is really about. I'm sure Margret Mitchell wasn't happy.

How about you? Is there a book-to-movie adaptation that you thought was terrible? What about one you liked? Would you go see a movie if you knew it wasn't true to the book? What if it was your own book? I need movies for my Netflix list, so I want to hear about every. single. one.

P.S. the worst book-to-movie adaptation ever - Percy Jackson. The Best - 6 hour Pride and Prejudice.
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