Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interview with Bloodlines Author Elizabeth Loraine

Tomorrow is a big day for Bloodlines Author Elizabeth Loraine. The fifth book in her bloodlines chronicles is coming out! To celebrate she is visiting as many blogs as she can. I get the honor of being one of those blogs!

Tomorrow she is ending her tour at Savannah Chase’s blog, You'll want to go there for a chance to win her books and a $50 Amazon gift card!

About the Royal Blood Chronicles:

Royal Blood Chronicles is a vampire series told by Katrina, a royal blooded vampire who is the chosen leader of the five Protectors as she looks back a hundred and thirty years at how this all began. How five young royal blooded vampires became the protectors of the peaceful races and transform from girls from a life of leisure. Where choosing what to wear and the jewelry and finery to match was all that they had to worry about. From a spoiled, waited on hand and foot existence to becoming, gifted warriors who were brought together by fate and chosen to be the Protectors. It is about their evolution as warriors, women and about those that choose to join them. It’s about trying to find balance in their lives when it seems impossible and their triumphs and tragedies along the way.

About Book 5 Bloodlines

Book Five Bloodline is the continuing story. Katrina finds herself once again fighting the enemy on two continents. The Sanctuaries are in turmoil and are questioning the Protectors loyalty and every time there are small victories it seems a new enemy arises. Katrina and the Five are drawn back to Europe to help Damien and Cain, but can they really trust either of them? And is there something that will finally make Katrina chose between the two loves of her life once and for all?

Onto the interview!

Me: What attracted you to the idea of royal vampire families?

EL: I thought for the romantic aspect of it and that it would be the perfect backdrop for vampires. It’s been around forever and is a private setting, protective and mysterious. People have always been curious about what goes on behind the walls, you never know what you might find there. It’s been as much fun as I thought it would be.

Me: When you wrote the first book, did you ever think you would continue the series?

EL: Yes I did. I thought maybe three books, but quickly I realized that there was so much more to tell about all of them as well as new characters with stories of their own.

Me: What do you think your MC's, Katrina, biggest strength is? Her weakness?

EL: I think she’s always been stronger than she thought she was. Her vampire gifts including those that she denies until she needs to use it. Which is her seemly irresistibly to men of any race. She inherited the ability to know the right thing to do at the right time without over thinking things from her father. I think that helps her tremendously.

Me: Vampires and humans have never seemed to mix well, but you made it work. How did these characters come together?

EL: The long lived vampires desire to survive has integrated them into society. Humans are always their own worst enemies, they react poorly to anything they don’t understand so the vampire race had to be the ones to figure out how to make it work in order to survive.

Me: Your next book, "Bloodline", comes out Tomorrow. Is there anything you want to tell you readers before they dive in?

EL: The story continues, new enemies, new allies and the usual twists and turns along the way. It’s been so fun to write, I really feel like these characters are part of my family now. Quinn fans won’t be disappointed.

Me: Just for fun: Besides vampires, what is your favorite type of fantasy character?

EL: I love elves. I think they are so interesting. The Lord of the Ring movies did a lot for renewing my infatuation with them.

That was a blast! It was total honor to have her here, and I hope we can do it again sometime! GO CHECK OUT THESE BOOKS!


Elizabeth Loraine said...

Thanks so much for the great interview and all your support!

Elizabeth Loraine

vern said...

amazing how this blog tour works...good luck on the book

AnnMarie said...

This has been so much fun to follow!! I absolutely love The Royal Blood Chronicles and cannot wait to see where Book five takes us!! I will be ordering it at 12:01 Thursday morning!!! Can't wait!

AnnMarie Ames

V said...

I'm definitely checking out these books. I've never heard of a blog tour before this post though.
Thanks for the comment btw :D


If you haven't read these books, give them a shot! You won't be dissapointed! Good luck Elizabeth! I can't wait to read the 5th book and see where this journey ends :)

Jessica Ann Marie

Katrina W said...

Hi !! Great interview and I must say I havetn read this series but certainly intend to !! Congrads on book 5 coming out tomorrow Elizabeth !!! Ill be able to read them all in a row !!! and great blog tour !!!!

J. A. Bennett said...

V - blog tours are so fun! I'm glad I could be the one to introduce them to you :D Also, I love your blog and taste in music, no need to thank me.

Katrina - Thanks for following!

Jamie R said...

Counting down! Can't wait!!!!

Joross Barredo said...

Gonna check her book. :) Thanks for the interview. :)

Bertena Varney said...

Thank you for the great blog post. Glad to have you at Mystical Book Blog Tours.