Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Key to Writing Freedom.

I haven't worked on my book in two days, and that's okay. Now, before you go off about how every writer should write one thousand words every day, let me calm your fears. I haven't stopped writing. I just haven't been working on my book.

You see, in my mind numbing time on the internet my blog pursuing, I came across a writing contest. The rules gave me a prompt and then limited the writer to 3,500 words. It sounded exciting. I thought I could use the experience of writing to be judged, so I put my book on hold. Actually, for a couple of days I tried to do both. And blog. And be a good mom. And not feel as if my house would implode from the load of dishes in the sink.

So, I put my book aside. And you know what, I'm glad I did. It was just what I needed to get me motivated to get back to my book.

How can that be when you've completely switched gears, you ask? Well, I discovered something. Something I have been reading over, and over, since I put my toe in the writer universe.

Editing is freedom.

The chance to take something, write it quickly, then edit, made me realize that it's okay if my book is crap, expected even. Because editing can take that crap and bring you to world filled with hope. You can take the bad and change it. How powerful! How amazing the tool that writers hold.

After playing all weekend taking some time away, and editing it a few more times, I was mostly satisfied. I probably could have edited until my fingers where blue. But then again, there was a word count limit. Which I came very close to crossing over. (3,465 words, whew!) But before it became an entirely new novel (which it very well could be) I decided to send it off.

Suddenly, I didn't care if I won. I was a better writer because I discovered the joy of editing. It made me so excited that I am ready today to jump back into my book with full throttle. Not even twitter can detour me! I will champion the story, and then I will edit. Then I will be free.

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