Monday, May 2, 2011

Ummm, that book sounds delicious.

Besides writing I have one great passion. Food. I love to cook. I love creating food and finding new recipes. Food holds a power that I find absolutely fascinating. I can eat something and be reminded of a wonderful time in life. Or I can smell something cooking and have a total stomach roll that makes me completely un-hungry (not a word, I know)

Even in writing I think food plays and important role. During "Harry Potter" for instance, every time toast was mentioned I just had to have some. I don't know why, but toast always sounded so good the way Ms. Rowling described it.

During "The Hunger Games" I found my self eating a lot of cheese and crackers.

During "These is my words" chili always sounded good.

Then, during one of my latest reads "Jane Austen Ruined my Life" Tea and something sweet.

Food is such a fundamental part of life that it wouldn't seem right if we didn't have some sort of attachment to it. What about you? Have you had any out-there cravings while reading? Or perhaps a favorite snack when you cuddle up with any book? Let's hear about it! Then maybe we can exchange recipes, or books.
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