Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just peeking in to say "hi!"

I know I said I would only post three times a week, but I had no idea how hard that would actually be. I just have so much I need to tell you that I can't stay away.

First I want to announce that I am going to be part of the Lor Mandela 400 days book blog tour! (see the button on the left sidebar) I had a really cool interview with L. Carrol (one awesome lady) that I will posting on Friday. *so excited* If your not following her blog or talking to her on twitter, you're totally missing out :)

Second, for those of you who live in Utah, I did an amazing blog post for A local Wanderer about the place I live, so worth checking out!

Third, I want to direct your attention to my new tab "life list club" go take a peek, and if you want to join me, just me know. More on this on saturday.

Okay, I'm going back into my hole now. Everyone have a good day!
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