Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Keep the Story Going

I realize that a good a portion of my readers have no intention of ever writing a book. I mean, who wants to spend four months writing, six months editing, and years finding an agent, getting published, and gaining notoriety? (if only it were that simple).

Maybe you have a desire to write a book, but not the time to dedicate to such a daunting task? I have a solution.

It's called keep the story going, and it's on Facebook.

A few stories have been already been started (and you can start your own) All you have to do is go in and add whatever you think the next big plot twist should be. Write one sentence, write a paragraph, or tag-team with other writers in the room.

"Back up a minute." I hear all my writer friends saying. We like to write, so why would we spend any time on this app? I'll tell you. Say you have that pesky writers block? Say you just can't get out of the same rut with your characters? This app is an eye opener.

I was on there the other day thinking that wouldn't it be funny if this MC's mom showed up out of nowhere, after she was supposedly dead for so many years?

So I typed. The villain says to the MC "I'll tell you why you have to listen to me, because I have your mother behind this curtain."

I wondered if the other writer in the room would pick up on it. They continued. "she wasn't sure about this because she hadn't seen her mother since..." Well I added some more after that and let me tell you it was so fun!

It really gave me the chance to see what other people think of a plot and gave me loads of new ideas to use in my book.

So you see, writer or not, you can go have a little fun and get a little inspiration.

Oh, and while you're there, stop by my author page :)

By the way I was not paid for this post, I just really like this app.

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