Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monday Best #5

Happy Monday all! I hope all those in the U.S. had a great father's day!

I just wanted to thank everyone in advance for linking up. I read all of your posts and love to see the different views you all hold on life.

This weeks inspiration phrase is *A Challenge

I'll be linking up an old post I wrote about a writing competition and editing. Hope you all enjoy, and I can't wait to see what you post!

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Here are the rules:

1. If you don't already, follow the host website (

2. Grab a button and put it on your site so others can find their way back & share in the fun.

3. Link up a post, not a whole blog.

4. Go to the other links, comment, and follow!

*Don't feel obligated to link the theme. Link whatever you like!


Rachel Cotterill said...

When I saw the theme, I knew exactly what to link up :).

Tori said...

Me too! :D

Karen Pokras Toz said...

New follower here! Definitely linked up a challenge - something I have been working on for a looong time! I'm having trouble linking your button - no idea why :( but still enjoying your blog!

17sirens said...

Thanks for hosting!
New follower :)
Would love if you could follow back!

Terri. said...

I am a new follower via GFC. I hope you can stop by my blog and check it out.

Fresh Garden said...

Me too! ;)

Amy Romine said...

Hahaha, in writing a response to the these I realized what an idiot I truly am...just kidding, kind of. Love it I am going to go hopping now, thanks!

Rachel Morgan said...

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know I tagged you on my blog!

Michelle said...

I read some of the posts and they are amazing! What a great hop. Thanks for stopping by last weekend and linking with us at the S&R weekend hop. See you next weekend. Have a wonderful week!!!

Lolo said...

Hope you had a great Father´s Day too! Ours, here in Spain, was March 19th ; )
I´ll see if I can come up with a Challenge to link up! Nonetheless I´ve enjoyed the posts.
Hope you have a great week, your friend from VoiceBoks

The Paper Princess said...

Hi Jen

I am newly following your blog and look forward to connecting with you! I invite you to join me over at Create With Joy!