Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Motivation, where art thou?

I've been seeing a lot of blog post lately where the author has been saying "I need motivation"

So, I asked my peeps on Facebook - "what drives you?" and I got the general answer that it was about the vision of the "end goal"

Then I thought about what drives me. First, let me say that I have been pretty lazy since I finished the 1st draft of my book. I haven't been writing. (Except on here, of course, but I don't feel like that counts.) Because of this I feel like I'm losing the skills I was just starting to gain when I came to the end of my book.

I had a vision. I wanted to finish my book. I've been taking time off from it because it's better to go back to the book with fresh eyes. In that process I lost motivation, because, I gave up my schedule. The problem is, I love the book I wrote. I know I have a ton of editing to do, but that's the story in my head right now, and it won't leave.

Therefore, I've come to a decision. It's three days early, but I'm going to start editing now. For the sake of motivation.


Lyn Midnight said...

Yes, do it, Jen! I'll even poke you regularly if you want me to. Hell, you can poke back because I've been lazy myself. I'm doing MAJOR re-writes, and even though I have a crit partneR, I'm looking foR a chief-cheerleadeR, lol. Good luck!

Karen Pokras Toz said...

going from writing mode to editing mode is SO difficult, especially when you have had a very disciplined and motivating writing schedule. I feel your pain - you can do it - can't wait to hear more about your book!!

Taylorm1984 said...

Good luck!!

Melanie said...

Can't you edit a chapter or two and start sending it to publishers? I think that would really motivate you to get the rest edited because you would have a time schedule!

Jeana said...

Editing is so necessary, but you're right--it's tough to do it. Good luck!

Steven W said...

Yea! Editing is the good part (at least I think it is). You have the roughed up sculpture standing there and you just have to chip away some of the little bits and make it nice and smooth.

Good luck! I'm sure the outcome will be fantastic!

Julie said...

Ugh... I SO needed to hear this! I too recently finished a book. I figred with one down and a new one just BARELY started, I could take a break, right?

Bad idea.


I'm so not motivated when I don't have a busy scheduel.

Time to get back to writing. Because really, that's how it gets done, right? Just poundin' it out!

P.s. New follower alert!

J. A. Bennett said...

Julie - I have to keep telling myself that no one else is going to do it. I have to. And when I don't keep a schedule it isn't going to happen.
Thanks so much for the follow!

Sarah said...

Good luck with your editing! If I feel unmotivated, I don't generally worry about it. I figure I'll write or edit when I'm good and ready. My problem, though, is usually the opposite--I just can't leave things alone, even when I should let them sit for awhile.

Jennifer Smart said...

Snap. Know exactly where you're coming from. Have been waiting to hear back from a literary agent before I did anymore work on the manuscript & have been blogging to stay sane & keep writing whilst I wait. But have decided to re-read & start on my notes anyway.
Good Luck with the edit.
visiting from FYBF

Jo Bryant said...

Good luck with the editing. :)

Melanie said...

Definitely a Crowning Moment! when you have a plan to follow. Thank you so much for joining my hop!

Daisy, Roo and Two said...

I hope the editing is all going well! Visiting from Crowning Moments :)