Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Possession: A Time I broke the rules

If you haven't heard about Elena Johnson's Possession, you either don't read book blogs, or you've been dead.

It's only the hottest book just out. So I joined a blog hop to share in the possession love here. The theme of the hop? A time you broke the rules.

To be completely honest, I'm not really a rule breaker. I've always been a 'keep your head down and follow the instructions' kind of gal. But I have broken oh, so, many writing rules, I'm probably even breaking a few right now, this run on sentence for example.

So I'm going to go over a few common grammar rules I've struggled with myself.

1. Commas - I still don't have them quite figured out, but there is one thing I can tell you. If your writing a list of things (i.e. hairbrush, comb, and deodorant) there should always be a comma before the 'and'. It's a common misconception to leave it off. DON'T.

2. A LOT - a lot of people spell a lot like this -alot. This is not a word, it's furry animal from someone's imagination -

To read the incredibly funny article about this click here.

3. Capitalization - when should it be used? At the beginning of a sentence - that's a no brainier. When else? The general rule is for a proper noun. Some examples of words you should always capitalize are words like 'Wednesday', 'English', and 'Spain'. Some examples of things you should not capitalize are words like 'him' unless that is the person's title. Also, words that you want to emphasize such as 'cancer'. You should only emphasize with italics.

Sound good? Good. What a common grammar rule do you break?
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