Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blogging and Old Moives

The other day on Facebook I asked if any of my non-blogger friends would like to write a post for me. I was really surprised when I actually got a response. I'm just curious as to why other people who frequent social media haven't made the leap to blogging yet, because I am sure it has crossed their minds.

So when my friend (almost sister, really) said she wanted to blog for me, and she wanted a topic. So, I gave her the title "Why I don't blog, and still watch old movies." I was joking of course, just trying to give her ideas but she took it and ran.

Her post is so sweet and funny I have NO issues sharing it with you all today. Please in enjoy -


When I was 15 years old, my mother forced me to watch “Tammy and the Bachelor”, a movie from 1957 starring Debbie Reynolds and Leslie Nielsen. My immediate reaction when she presented this movie to me was the typical teenage reaction, “This is gonna be dumb and boring.”

It turned out to be one of the sweetest, funniest movies I had ever seen. Thus began my love for old movies. Movies made in different decades reflect attitudes and styles of the times. These are the times that have built our world and made us what we are today as a society.

Movies shape thoughts and opinions, entertain us; inform us of inner struggles, personalities, and attitudes we may not have been exposed to otherwise. They remind us that although times and styles may change, people do not always change.

When I was 26, I started my first blog. It was becoming the popular thing to do; a great way to inform the rest of the world what was going on in my world. I was following my friends’ examples of updating the day to day activities of my family, informing everyone on the little thoughts in my head. I was going to make my blog the blog that everyone else envied, adored and wanted to read over and over again. It was going to be spectacular! I posted three times, decided it was dumb and boring, and never wrote on that blog again.

Several months ago, a friend convinced me that I was funny and wanted to know what other thoughts run through my head. So once again, I began another blog. At the time, I was going through a rough patch of life. I used humor to sugar coat things; it is just one of my defense mechanisms.

But as I would put words to screen, I found that I was actually very dark and broodish on the inside. Seeing as how misery loves company, I did not want to bring my readers down. Figured no one would want to read a sad, dark blog. What would people think when they looked at me? I certainly did not want them to be concerned that I would jump off a ledge or something. Therefore, once again, I had started and ended a blog in three posts or less.

My expectations in both instances were not fulfilled. So although I may never blog, I still enjoy old movies. Now maybe if I had tried harder with the blogging, I may have been able to make it the blog to end all other blogs; dramatic, funny, tear jerking and very real. Maybe I still will.

Maybe I will start a blog about old movies.


Jynelle Black is the mother of three rambunctious boys and one girl. She works as nurse in geriatric care center.

She loves family, friends, and food - but hates watermelon.
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