Monday, July 18, 2011

Looking For Inspiration

Those of you who have been long time followers of this blog know that I like to write about that which inspires. For those of you who are new, now you know! (and thanks for following ^_^)

It's funny how inspiration can come at the most random moments in life. You may not even be thinking about a project when BAM! something hits you right between the eyes and you're just itching to write.

I often find it happens at the most mundane times, when a writing instrument is the furthest from your hands. It's almost like that distance makes the creativity that much stronger.

For me, it often strikes in the shower, or on a long car ride. In some ways that's good. It gives me time to think through my idea and put it down on paper better than if I had the chance to write it immediately.

Other times inspiration doesn't come until you've been hashing it out for awhile. I found in the editing process I can read over a scene twenty times and think it's okay, but when I read it the twenty-first time I see how it can be improved. Funny how the muse teases you like that.

Inspiration is such a fleeting, fickle, thing; yet, when it hits it can completely change the way you write.

Anyone have good tips for finding everyday inspiration?


Lyn Midnight said...

People should ask YOU that question. :P

I find inspiration in people. Someone says something fascinating and a solution hits me. Or in dreams... and like you, mostly when I am doing monotonous activities like washing, showering, cleaning, etc.

It's supposed to happen after the incubation period of thought processing, and then present itself via an aha-moment... or so the textbook says.

Anyway... to me, there's no bigger inspiration than art: books, movies, paintings, etc. Everything that comes from inspiration brings inspiration with it. It's the ultimate two for the price of one deal. ^-^

F.L.A.G - Fundamental Learning Academy for Girls said...

I think inspiration comes from our passion... write all the things you are passionate about and blog about.. anything!!

cherie said...

Ack! Blogger ate my comment. :(

Here's my second try:

Things that bring about inspiration: music, places, a book, art, photos, a feeling. ;)

Melanie said...

Your writing is becoming... I can't put my finger on it, but I love it.

Music definitely inspires me and affects my emotions which allows my creativity to come out.

Mary Kate Leahy said...

Listening to music while falling asleep. Works every time for me. That and doing the dishes.

jamilajamison said...

I often find it happens at the most mundane times, when a writing instrument is the furthest from your hands.

So true, though I have started to carry around notebook and pen wherever I go. I've also been trying to use my phone as backup -- type myself an email in case I find myself with an amazing idea without pen in reach.

I draw inspiration from a number of sources: music, art, and fashion are always fun to work with. There's nothing like seeing a picture, or a pair of shoes, or hearing the *perfect* song to spark something in me. I also seem to get ideas when my hands are busy with mundane tasks, and my brain is free to roam. One of the ideas for my current WIP came to me while I was driving to school, and I've gotten countless ideas while straightening my hair, brushing my teeth, or doing the dishes (doing the dishes is the worse, because you really can't do much with dripping wet hands!).

Lovely post!