Monday, July 18, 2011

Looking For Inspiration

Those of you who have been long time followers of this blog know that I like to write about that which inspires. For those of you who are new, now you know! (and thanks for following ^_^)

It's funny how inspiration can come at the most random moments in life. You may not even be thinking about a project when BAM! something hits you right between the eyes and you're just itching to write.

I often find it happens at the most mundane times, when a writing instrument is the furthest from your hands. It's almost like that distance makes the creativity that much stronger.

For me, it often strikes in the shower, or on a long car ride. In some ways that's good. It gives me time to think through my idea and put it down on paper better than if I had the chance to write it immediately.

Other times inspiration doesn't come until you've been hashing it out for awhile. I found in the editing process I can read over a scene twenty times and think it's okay, but when I read it the twenty-first time I see how it can be improved. Funny how the muse teases you like that.

Inspiration is such a fleeting, fickle, thing; yet, when it hits it can completely change the way you write.

Anyone have good tips for finding everyday inspiration?
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