Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tag awards

The lovely Violeta over at Lyn Midnight: against the odds has tagged me in a game of questions. Since I'm curious minded I decided to answer them. Ready for the ride? Here goes -

If you were a vampire, which celebrity would you first sink your teeth into?

I am going to completely avoid this question by saying whichever one looks like he/she has the most blood :)

What’s your middle name? No, not your real middle name, your MIDDLE name.

Mom, no wait that's my real first name. Maybe Diaper changer extraordinaire?

Describe your best friend in five words.

Brilliant, devoted, selfless, caring, husband

What’s your current favorite song? What about the annoying one stuck in your head?

Lately I can't get enough of the song posted yesterday - Parachutes, Kiss me Slowly, it gets me think of young romance and inspires me to write. The one stuck in my head Katy Perry's Firework, it just won't leave!

What’s the last movie you watched? Was it good? (Fishing for recommendations.)

I just finished the HBO series on John Adams, so enlightening. I had no idea about half the things that happened at the founding of my country. Seriously amazing.

I'm not tagging anyone back I just wanted to share. lol!

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