Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beginning, Middle, and End Blogfest

Can I just say that blogfests are the best? I should really host my own sometime... anyway, I saw this one on a couple of blogs and I just had to join in. It is that fun.

For all the info hop on over to Kate Larkindale's blog.

Here is the beginning, middle, and end to Earth Song. And yes, the end is a cliffhanger. Let me know what you think...?

Beginning :

I could die if I am caught here; die on my own land.


I close my eyes and see that I am surrounded by archers on all sides. If I do not move I will die.

It is not long enough for me to find my horse, but it is long enough for me to save my own life.


It is time for our generation to stand; time for the magic to return and the tyranny to end. It is now or never.

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