Friday, August 5, 2011

The Weather

The weather is a funny thing. It can affect our mood -- good, bad, and ugly. I have a favorite song about the weather that's got me thinking. Here are a few of the lyrics to wet your taste buds.
"It's starting to rain,
The neighbors complain,
But to me it's champagne pouring out of the clouds."
These words, they made me realize something. Weather should be a part of our character development.

Crazy? Perhaps.

We know what our character looks like, how they were raised, and what their favorite color is. But do we know how the weather affects them?

For me, I often see rain and think of depression, but what about my MC? Does she like the rain? What memories are contrived? What about snow or extreme heat?

To really reach our readers, we need to rip at their heart strings, and weather is something everyone can relate too.

Listen to this song and see if you don't look at the weather differently.

What is your favorite weather? Season? What else do you do to bring depth to your characters?
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