Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Music Please

About a month ago a friend invited me to use Spotify. Apparently it's all the rage in the UK. So, I looked at it. I thought it had some cool music, but than gave it up. I almost uninstalled it because I wasn't sure what purpose I would use it for.

For the past few years I have been depending on iTunes for my music fix. I had set up a small budget each month to buy new music when I wanted it. I always used that money very carefully. I made sure I wanted the song in my library forever. Basically, it had to be a song that I just could not live without.

Back to my story. I went back on Spotify one day because I was looking to see if they had a certian song that I didn't really want to buy, but I did want to listen to for bit. Then it struck me, "If this app is going to let me listen to whatever songs I want, why won't it let me make a playlist?"

I right clicked on the song and guess what? I could add it to a playlist.

Even better, it pulled in my iTunes songs and playlist. I had a playlist already going that I called "writing music" and suddenly I could add any song I wanted for *free. Let me tell you, it is awesome.

The launch page shows you new music everyday and I have been adding songs like crazy. Songs that I have loved forever and never bought, songs that I like today that may not like tomorrow, and songs that I would have bought anyway. It is music heaven. I'm not even getting paid for writing this, that's how much I love it.

If you're a music lover, I would go take a look.

I leave you with song that I probably wouldn't have bought, but I love listening to. The lyrics are good for deep preponderance, and it has a catchy tune.

See-ya on the flip side. (Yes, I am a nerd)

*There are occasional ads, and the songs you can add are limited to the Spotify library, but the library is HUGE. (Spotify logo found via Google Images)
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