Monday, September 19, 2011

Organizing Your Blog Reading List

Happy Monday! I had a great time at The League of Utah Writers Conference and I promise to tell you all about it tomorrow, but today I wanted to talk about organizing your blog reading list.

First up, if you haven't already meet, let me introduce you to Google Reader.

I came into the blogging world already knowing about this gem. Therefore, I assumed everyone else did. (I'll give you a hint, I was wrong) This, my friends, is a life saver when it comes to reading blogs. It's almost like having an e-mail inbox just for the blogs you follow.

I like to keep all the blogs I'm reading in list style (not expanded view) so I can quickly scroll through and see what each blog is offering. There was a long time when just scrolling through and reading worked for me, but now that I'm following 400+ plus blogs, the whole thing can get a little overwhelming.
So last weekend I was bemoaning this to new blogger and next-door-neighbor Krista at I Take the Pen. Now, Krista is a computer person, her job is in computers, she understand things we casual bloggers take for granted.

So when she told me that you could organize your Google Reader into folders I said "I tried that, I couldn't figure it out."

Since Krista is a very lovely person, she told me how she did it, and now I'm here to pass the knowledge onto you.  

I went through each blog on my list and separated them into six categories. First was my Favorites - these are blogs I like to read everyday and keep a good relation with it's my biggest folder :) The Second is New Blogs, these are blogs I just started following that I will keep track of to see where they fit.

The Third is Once a Week, these are bloggers who only post once or twice a week. I stick them in there and pick a day to go through them all. The forth is Once a Month (same idea) and the fifth is Never. I only have a never folder because some people who I began blogging with no longer blog, therefore there is no need to check them. My Guilty Pleasure one is blogs that have nothing to do with writing, but I still like to visit.

The way you put your blogs in these folders is by clicking the little arrow you see on the right side on the blog name.

The first time around you have to click on New Folder. 

But after that you can just click on whichever folder you want it to go in. Happy blog reading!!


On  another note I just want to let you all know about some exciting stuff going on this Friday. The Life List club is doing a progress update day with lots of prizes. Every blog you see on my left side bar (under the tag life list club) will be giving away something, so be sure to stick around!
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