Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Putting the joy back into your writing

Hello and welcome to part II of my four part series on The Leagues of Utah Writers Roundup. As you can guess by the title we are going to be talking about finding the happy in your writing again.

Sarah Fitzgerald taught the class with that title and we also heard a very inspirational speech from Rudy Ruettiger.

If you've never seen the movie Rudy then you won't know who he is. So I'm going to give a quick recap of his younger life.

This is a picture of the actor that played him (also known as Sam Wise Gamgee)

This ---
is the real guy. 

Anyway, Rudy had a dream. He wanted to play football for Notre Dame, only he wasn't cut out for it. He was short, thin, and not athletic enough. Did that stop him? Not in the least. After a lot of hard work and never-ending persistence, he got his chance.

He never gave up. His football story is amazing in itself, but he didn't quit dreaming. He got the idea in his head that his story should be made into a film. He didn't think he could write a script, he had zero connections in Hollywood, and with the way the movie industry works, he had a next to nothing chance of every seeing his story on the big screen.

Did that stop him? No. He went to Hollywood, he knocked on doors until he made the connections. The producer that eventually took the deal didn't even show up at the lunch date he promised to be at. Rudy had to find him!

Now, he's written a book about his life's story and speaks all over the country inspiring as he goes. 

One powerful lesson he taught us is that if you want something, you have to stand up and get it. He held up a copy of his book and asked who wanted it. We all raised our hands, but it wasn't until someone actually stood up to claim it that he gave it away. 

No one is going to published if they don't put in the work in first.

Switching Gears to Sarah Fitzgerald, who wrote this awesome book - 

Sometimes it feels like we have worked our butts off and what do we have to show for it? But really, are we writing becasue we want to be bestseller? If that is the only reason you write than you can count on disappointment.

I'm not saying you can't dream about it, but it shouldn't be your reason for writing. She talked about, back talk in our heads (one of my biggest problems) It's not good enough, no one's going to love it, I am failure before I have even tried.

But the fact is, you are not going to die if someone doesn't like your book. It doesn't mean that is end of the road or even the last book you will ever write. It only means that you have given in to the demon on your shoulder.

Write for you, and someday you will find your place in the writing world.

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