Monday, September 12, 2011

Time to Play Some Tag ^_^

Happy Monday! Today we're gunna have a little fun, and what is funner than tag?

Kerri Cuevas over at Craft Junkie tagged me. The mission, to tell 10 random facts about myself. The timing couldn't be more prefect with the campaign going on.

I was trying to figure out a way to get to know everyone, and what is better than this? After I've posted my facts, I'm going ask a questions about you guys that I want you to answer in the comments, then I can feel like everyone got a fun tag. :)

Ready for the randomness? Let's go!

1. I took dance classes from age 3 - 18 (with a couple years off in between) and I seriously miss it.

I'm the one with the short poofy hair in the middle. (The 80's called and they want my hair back)

2. In high school I accidentally took the most advanced art class without any pervious art experience. In my defense, the class was called Drawing I. Here is a little sketch from that class :

3. I have a picture of myself worthy of Awkward Family Photos.

Pretty bad, huh? It was Halloween, but still.

4. I love musicals, and my favorite one is Children of Eden. Click on this link to hear one of the songs.

5. This is the best cake ever -

Chocolate Zucchini cake, yum!

6. I cannot craft. I'm sure if I had the desire and I wanted to spend my time on it I could, but I have no natural talent. It's pretty sad.

7. I have only had one cat in my life. She ran away a few years ago. She was a Russian Blue named Topaz.

8. Who likes water chestnuts? Seriously the grossest food ever.

9. My favorite board game is Settler's of Catan. I always lose, but I still like it :)

10. My favorite season is spring. I love all the new life around me.

Okay that's it folks. Your turn - If you had to pick one favorite possession (not family) what would you pick?

(Cake, cat, board game, and spring via google images) 


Krista said...

Hmm... I would say either my phone or my external hard drive. My phone because I use it to connect with people and it has my scriptures on it.

My external hard drive because it has my writing stuff on it.

Abby Fowers said...

A favorite possession... hmmm... I would have to go with photo albums. I'm a complete picture freak. LOVE this post! So funny. I want that chocolate zucchini cake.s

Michelle said...

We had a cat that looked just like that one when I was growing up. I didn't like it, but my sister spent hours a day with it by her side.

My most recent favorite item is my immersion blender because it's brand new and makes my life SOOOO easy! But if I pick my absolutel #1 favorite item it's definitely my passport-freedom in a little blue book.

Rachel said...

HAHA! I remember when I first saw that pic, I laughed so freaking hard. Best Halloween costume EVER!

cherie said...

Haha! I love your blue Halloween costume. What were you supposed to be?

And awww, super cute ballerina girl, even with the 80's hair. :D

Jenny S. Morris said...

Wow, love the hair in the dancing pic, and the Halloween costume is awesome!

The possession question is a hard one. But, I'll go with my hard drive on my computer. It has all the pictures we've taken of the kids since they were born, all my writing, and all my husband's recorded music.

Sarah Pearson said...

Favourite possession - anything that will store my music.

If it's not a stupid question, what were you dressed up as for halloween? And you're not seriously trying to tell me you put vegetables in chocolate cake?

J. A. Bennett said...

@Krista - that's a good one, I think I would want those things to otherwise I feel like my life is a mess.

@Abby - See I didn't know this about you. That's why I'm glad I asked!

@Michelle - Tough choice, but I think I would choose the passport. if only I had someplace fun to go...

@Rachel - I knew you'd like that!

@Cherie - An alien, I look foreign, no?

@Jenny - lol, thanks! I agree, it's like we lose our lives without our computers!

@Sarah - It's totally not a stupid a question, if I hadn't been it I wouldn't have known either! I was alien, scary as that was, lol!

J. A. Bennett said...

@Sarah - I also forgot to tell you that as a general rule, I HATE Zucchini! But it makes that cake oh so melt-in-your-mouth moist, and you can't even taste it!

Laila Knight said...

I like your cat. Ditton on Spring, but I like Autumn too. Nothing puts you into the Sci-Fi state of mind like a blue person. 80's hair rocked. Any chocolate cake is worth eating. The art picture made me giggle. :)

Taylorm1984 said...

You can't post about the Best ever chocolate cake and not post the recipe!! So recipe please??

L.G.Smith said...

That cake looks yum.

The possession I couldn't live without is my laptop/internet. Total addiction.

Steph Schmidt said...

Yay Settler's of Catan! I've never won a game yet I always hoard all the sheep.

Favorite possession? A silly stuffed Lion toy I got at FAO Schwarz on 5th Avenue years and years ago. I started taking him with me to college as a comfort thing and now he keeps me company on my desk when I write.

Christa said...

This is awesome and that cake...oh sweet YUM. My favorite iPad...I read everything on it.

*Also, in an effort to make blog reading easier, I am encouraging everyone to turn off "word verification" in your settings. It makes it hard for people on phones to comment. Just saying.

J. A. Bennett said...

@Lila - Glad you liked it :)

@Taylor - I sent you an email :D

@L.G.- me too, someone get me off of here!

@Steph - Catan forever! I love the idea of the stuffed lion, if only I had thought of such a clever thing!

@Christa - I want an iPad so bad!! I just wanted to tell you that I did that once becasue I had the same feelings, but I was barraged by Spam comments so I HAD to put it back on. Sorry! I do feel bad.

Kerri Cuev said...

Great to know you better! I cringe at my 80's hair pictures also. Aqua net was not my friend, lol.

One thing huh? kitty!