Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Update #5

After trying for several weeks I finally won The Might Pen Award over at Krista Wayment's blog. I'm seriously stoked! Thank you Krista, it's a real honor :)

As far as my novel goes I've come to a new conclusion. (I know, fickle me.) But the thing is, I have felt over and over that I am forcing it way too much. You probably haven't noticed but my word count hasn't budged. Why? Forcing. I've read two blog posts this weeks that have confirmed this to me. The first was from a blogger I just meet who happens to live in my small town, Quinn Header.

In his post he talks about answering the questions of a Fifteen-year-old aspiring writer. Of course I saw myself as the girl wanting to know how I can get un-stuck. The post was about using other characters to hold your MC up, but that's not what struck me. It got me thinking about how I love all my characters and how I am pushing a few of them into the story. The plan from the beginning has been to make this makes this four books and I now see that some of my characters need to be in later stories.

This was confirmed to me yesterday when I read E. R. Kings blog Get Busy Writing.  So I took out one of my beloved characters and tried using the Ten Scene Plotting Outline (Thanks AVA!) and guess what? The problems where revealed to me. The story line is staying the same, but so many major changes have to be made that I'm starting from scratch again.

Whew. It feels so good to get that off my chest. Have told you guys how much I love talking to you? Thanks for listening.

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