Monday, October 31, 2011

David Powers King!

I'm excited to welcome David Powers King from The Cosmic Laire for another 'out of the box' interview! David is one my favorite bloggers and we had a lot of fun putting this together. Enjoy!

Hit us up with a You Tube Video of Awesome.

As the video description said, "The original Star Wars saga as told by a kid with one heck of a LEGO collection." And I thought I was a LEGO fanatic as a kid. Awesome!

That is awesome :)

Write a Haiku describing yourself. 
When water boils
I fill a few cups with it
And make us cocoa.
Right now I'm digging the peppermint chocolate, so yummy.

Scrabble or Chess? 

I play with words all the time. Chess, please! Just to shake things up.

Chess? Blah ;)

Swords or Superpowers? 

Superpowers. Swords are great and all, but, come on. Superpowers would be stupendous.

I think I'm about 50/50 on this one, but the superpowers have and edge.

You look way too serene in your profile picture, give us a goofy face so we can see the real you.

I fear for my life! 

Thank you so much for coming David, and being so brave!


Oh yes, and since both of my victims interviewees have been so nice to share fun pictures I thought I would  share one too, perfect for Halloween.

 Happy Trick or Treating!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Time for Some Bad Guys

The day has arrived for the final installment of the Killer Characters Blogfest, and dare I say I will miss it? I do dare, becasue it has been such a fun ride! Today we are talking about the mean and nasty antagonist!

The moment I thought of this antagonist waves of hatred flowed through me. I don't think there is a single literary character that I hate more than Dolores Umbridge!

The reason she is badder then all the baddies, even worse then Voldemort, is becasue she is oblivious to her vile nature. Voldemort at least knew what he was doing when he became The Dark Lord. Umbridge, on the other hand, thinks it's just fine to punish children by scarring their hands with the words "I will not tell lies".

Dementors in the courtroom? No issues there. Stealing magic eyes from dead people? They weren't going to miss it.

Oh how I hate her sickly sweet exterior and her black, black insides. Scariest. Character. Ever.

Anyone dressing like Umbridge for Halloween? If not, what are you dressing up as?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Book Review - The F word: Tales of a Fat Girl

I have another yummy indie review coming your way. It's a novella called The F Word: tales of a Fat Girl. If that title didn't have you snickering, then you won't like this book.

The blurb on Goodreads:  

When it comes to food, dating and bathing suits, this witty and honest book of short tales comes from the heart of a fat girl trying to keep afloat with a smile. If you've ever had body issues, love issues or simply just a bad date, you can surely commiserate with this writer. This quick reading book covers everything from eating, shopping and nakedness to fitting in, self acceptance and everything else between the sheets. You'll laugh, you'll identify, and you'll walk away with some ideas of your own. 

What I liked:

This isn't some "confessions of a shopaholic, but with a large girl" kind of book. Oh no, Suchow gets right to the point and calls herself a Fat Girl (FG for short) right on the first page. This is her random thoughts about being a woman of size. Her chapter headings are hilarious -- The Gym and Other Planets, The Oprah Syndrome, and As Seen on T.V. to name a few. My favorite chapter was entitled "Cake is Good." 

She has a wit and and honesty that any woman can relate to, no matter your size. And believe me she tells ALL.

What I didn't like:

I'm not big on talking about sex (as I mentioned before) so I could have done without those kinds of thoughts, and there where lots of those thoughts. I did, however, appreciate the content warning before the chapter entitled "To Pee or not to Pee." I was still tempted to read it just because of the title, but I skipped it knowing  I wouldn't enjoy it. 


My rating is 3.5 stars becasue I wouldn't read it again, but it certainly made me pause and think about things in a different light.  If you're into crass and sexy humor then you would love this book, it's just not my first choice when it comes to a cup of tea. But that doesn't hold me back from applauding her guts.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Protagonist Anyone?

Today marks the second entry for the killer characters blog-fest and we're talking about protagonists.

I like protagonists! I know not everyone does, but I love rooting for the good guy! This has to be the hardest entry becasue picking just one means picking a favorite book, I have so many favroites it was hard to pick just one. I decided to narrow it down by picking my favorite bull headed and soft hearted female lead, Elizabeth Bennet, from Pride and Pejudice.

 She doesn't need any super powers to be well liked. I think a good portion of us have made the same stupid mistakes in love and life (and who's family hasn't embarrassed them more than once?) I love Elizabeth becasue she is flawed,  yet she learns and grows so much throughout the book.

She doesn't chase after the rich and handsome Darcy becasue he's rich and handsome. It comes down to finding his character and loving him for who he is, and not how society paints him (unlike the choices of her little sister). That, in my book, makes for one of the greatest love stories of all time.

What do you like in a protagonist? 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Sin of the Adverb

If you've been writing or pursing articles on writing for any length of time then you've probably heard all about the avoidance of adverbs. But why are they so bad? They're great in a pinch and they seem to convey just the thing you want to describe. But in reality they convey very little in terms of description.

Don't get me wrong, I love using a good adverb when writing as much as the next person, but going back I always see how it weakens the story.

Let's look at two examples of sentences to prove a point.

"Alisha stepped onto the slippery ice and nearly fell over."

"Alisha stepped onto the ice and lost her footing, one leg sprawled right while the other twisted left. She shot  her arms out to her sides to gain balance and just avoided a pathetic flop onto her rear."

The first sentence is okay. You know what's going on, but what does it really say? To me 'nearly' is the worst of the adverb sins becasue you don't always know what the something is that almost happened but didn't. You can see from the second sentence how much more visual your writing can be without the adverb.

Here's a challenge for you, don't use adverbs for one week. I mean Everywhere. Every time you're itching to write that 'ly' stop yourself. In your blog posts, in your short stories, and in your novels. Come out the other end and see if it doesn't make you a better writer.

I've been practicing this with my novel, but I'm going to bring it here now too. So if you see an adverb feel free to point it out, becasue we all want to be better writers.

What is your biggest writing pet peeve?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Supporting Characters to Love

Today marks the beginning of the Killer Characters Blogfest! It's going all week long and I'm excited for every minute of it!

To start off the week we're talking about killer supporting characters, and you know I couldn't pick just one.

First up we have the lovely and oh so kick-A Nellie Gomez from the 39 clues series.

If you haven't read the books - they're about a bother and sister who have to travel around the world searching for clues to make them the most powerful Cahill's of all time (and that's saying something) of course an elven-year-old boy and fourteen-year-old girl couldn't possibly travel the world alone. So why not bring a babysitter opair along?

One could see the attraction these two young kids have to this nineteen year-old, streaky-haired, pierced nose, iPod toting, tri-lingualist, but she has oh-so-much more hidden up her sleeve. She's the life of the party to say the least and fierce protector to say the most. Would I like to get in between her and her goals? Not in a million years!

Next on the list is the Seven-Year-old flying diva from Maximum Ride, Angel
Angel - Maximum Ride Fan Art (3826600) - Fanpop
Angel - Maximum Ride Fan Art (3826600) - Fanpop (clipped to

If you haven't read the series - Maximum Ride is the name of a teenage girl who leads a flock of flying Children. Their mission? To save the world. Don't let Angel's sweet face and blond hair fool you into thinking this little girl is innocent. No, she has big plans to become the leader of her flock, and a very creepy ability when it comes to reading minds (and changing what people are thinking along the way). At first you just think she is cute, but as the story goes on so does your opinion of what cute really is.

Last, but certainly not least, is Cinna from The Hunger Games.

If you haven't read the book - what planet have you been on? The Hunger Games is a dystopian where kids in the rage of ages 12-18 are "chosen" to fight to the death for the entertainment of the capital in a format that is all too reminiscent of today's reality T.V.  Who is Cinna? The stylist who is bold enough to stand up to the capital even though he has a life of ease. Don't think a stylist can be a hero just be designing clothes? You'll think again when you read about Cinna's form of expression.

That hardly touches the tip of the list, but I have two more posts to write and I don't want to use up all the good books! What's your favorite supporting character?

P.S. What do you think of my new blog design? What do like or not like about it?

Friday, October 21, 2011

How to Market Your Book Before the Launch

Guess what Friday it is? Life List Friday! I just wanted everyone to know that we are currently looking for writers to join the hop, so if want to let me know and we'll chat :)

Today I have the awesome Gary Gauthier from Literary Snippets! I'll be hanging out at Pam Hawley's blog so don't forget to wing by there when you've finished here. Take it away Gary -

Putting the CartBefore the Horse
You’ve made the decision to publish your manuscript as an ebook. Your work is amanifestation of creative genius. Your prose is polished and the manuscript hasbeen professionally edited. Your book cover is a work of art and the contentsare all properly formatted as an ebook. You’ve got a winner! You launch yourbook with great fanfare, your friends and relatives purchase it, and after afew weeks you begin to realize that nobody is interested in your book.

In a different scenario, everybody’s heard of the author whobelieves they have a great manuscript but can’t get a publishing house to signa book deal with them. This situation can only become worse in an environmentwhere large publishers are facing mounting competitive pressure fromindependents. Publishers increasingly want the authors they sign to have arecognizable brand or a following. This helps them to reduce the risk of makinga bad investment in a new author.

In both cases, there may be nothing wrong with your book except that you didn'tcreate a market for it. Last month, I read a blog post by author, Julia King,which answers the provocative question “Who is the only person who can sellyour book?” Her answer is “Youand Only You!” Yep, that’s right, it’s YOUR job.
Here are some items to keep in mind:

o You don’t have to be among the best writers.

o Anyone can build a social-media following.

o Social media allows you to market your brand for free!

o Your followers are interested in you and your brand.

o Marketing your brand means sharing what you care about.

Let's address the first point. What’s that? Your prosedoesn’t compare favorably to that of Edith Wharton? Don’t worry about it!Download and read the free previews of Amanda Hocking’s books. You may bepleasantly surprised to find your prose does compare favorably to hers. Shesold over a million books in less than a year. Remember: You don’t have to be the best.

I am convinced that anyone canquickly build a substantial following using free social-media platforms.How do I know? Well, it's working for me and I’ve been at it fewer than threemonths.  And if someone as uninterestingas I am can build a following, just imagine what you can do!

One of the reasons theestablished publishing houses are feeling the heat of competition is thatsocial media allows anyone to market their brand essentially for free. Sure,you’ve got to be creative and work at it. No one is saying it's easy. But theupside is, it works and there are lotsof free tools.

Marketing Your Brand
All your Facebook friends and most of your twitter followers won’t buy yourbook. Sorry, I hope I didn’t disillusion you. But a percentage of them will buyit and a smaller percentage will love it. Why is that? Most likely, your bookwill touch on topics, themes and values that, in one way or another, are a partof your life. Your social media interactions should also reflect who you areand some of the things that you value. If your friends and followers love youfor who you are (your brand), some of them will love your book for the samereasons. Your social media followers areinterested in your brand. Find ways to build on that interest. Share what you care about with your followers.A worthy goal for your upcoming book career as a writer is to make asmany people as possible intimately familiar with your brand.

Do you sometimes see social-media interactions as a waste ofyour valuable time and not as an investment in your brand?


Gary is working on his first novel, a crime thriller set in New Orleans just beforeHurricane Katrina's landfall. His blog, Literary Snippets, gives him anopportunity to express and share his appreciation for art and literature. Heoccasionally posts articles as well. Some of his favorite writers are ThomasHardy, Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allan Poe.But this changes from time to time. Stay tuned! Follow him on Twitter and  Google Plus.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ink Pagent - The Place for Writing Bloggers to be!

What if there was place for bloggers who are also writers to gather and share their posts exclusively with other writers who are also bloggers. Would you be excited? I know I was was when Darren Hansen told me about his new website at the League of Utah Writers Conference back in September. He didn't have it fully operational then, but he does now.

Let me introduce you to Ink Pageant -

Isn't that logo cool?

All you have to do is register and then you can start submitting your posts to the homepage. The great thing is, they moderate every posts so non-writing related posts don't get added. It's just a community of bloggers finding one another and sharing their talents. It's an awesome place to meet new bloggers and be met.

Everything is very intuivie and easy to use. So go check it out!

What would your dream website be?


P.S. The Killer Character's Blogfest is starting on Monday, I encourage everyone to join becasue it's going to be awesome!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Update #11

Despite what my word counter says I actually wrote 4,000 words this week. I had to delete 1,000 words that where leading nowhere. My weekly word count goal is 5,000 words, so I hope I can reach that today (yay!)

Thank you all so much for your comments on my post yesterday! I hadn't written for four days before that becasue of said scene that wasn't leading anywhere. Writing that snip-it got me wanting back in that world and your comments encouraged me to keep pressing forward.

Did I mention I have the best followers ever? Because I do!

In other news, I got the Liebster award, again!

Thanks Elizabeth Varden!

I really shouldn't be allowed to have this becasue I have over 200 followers, but I'm hording it anyway muah-hahahaha!

So what about you guys? What's inspired you this week?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Samurai's and Hot dogs

It's time for another Campaign Challenge! And I'm really excited for this one because I'm channeling the Characters from my current WIP Existence (This scene does not happen in the book, but I may find a way to worm it in.) Hope you like it!

The rules:

Write a blog post in 300 words or less, excluding the title. The post can be in any format, whether flash fiction, non-fiction, humorous blog musings, poem, etc. The blog post should show:
  • that it’s morning,
  • that a man or a woman (or both) is at the beach
  • that the MC (main character) is bored
  • that something stinks behind where he/she is sitting
  • that something surprising happens.
Just for fun, see if you can involve all five senses AND include these random words: "synbatec," "wastopaneer," and "tacise." (NB. these words are completely made up and are not intended to have any meaning other than the one you give them).


Chrissie Fox fell face first into the sand and swallowed half the beach in the process. She let go of Ashton's hand and rolled to her back spitting the grit out of her mouth.

"Did we make it out of Japan?" Ashton said, panting.

Chrissie sat up and squinted in the distance, the sun was just beginning to rise. "Palm trees, so that's a yes."She collapsed back to the ground.

"What's that smell?" Ashton asked, "It smells good."

Chrissie took a deep whiff. She wasn't sure what it was, but she knew it was food -- the onion scent was a dead giveaway.

Ashton sniffed a few more times. "Hot dogs!"

"Um… Ashton, if you haven’t noticed, you're still wearing a kimono. You might look a little suspicious ordering a hotdog."

"We're somewhere tropical, people wear kimonos in places like this all the time!"

"Yeah, but they don't have authentic samurai swords strapped to their backs, do they?"

Ashton must not have been listening because he was scrambling his way towards the smell. Chrissie stood up and dusted herself off and ran after Ashton, trying to remove her white makeup as she went.

"… and mustard." Ashton was saying when she finally caught up to him.

The guy behind the stand raised an eyebrow at them, but didn't say anything.

"We're lost actors." Chrissie said, a bored expression on her face . He just shook his head and squirted condiments on the dog.

Aston grabbed it and took a big bite "wastopanee synbatec tacise"

Chrissie rolled her eyes, "could you please swallow before you speak?"

Aston gulped, "I said, what's that smell, dead octopus?"

Octopus? Chrissie looked over Ashton's shoulder and saw two time fliers pop out of nowhere. They had tracked them all the way back from 1630's Japan.


I'm #14 if you want to vote for me!

Abby Fowers!

I've been trying to figure out a unique way to let everyone know about all the cool bloggers I follow. It seems like everyone does interviews already, but that really is the best way to showcase someone. Too keep it interesting, I'm throwing out some crazy question that you may have never heard of before (hopefully).

My first test subject interviewee is Abby Fowers from Something to Write About.

Quick! Hit us with your best You Tube video.
I mostly use You Tube for music videos so I will go with this one. 1- I love the song, 2- Funny music video, and 3- I'm what you might call a "city girl" who married a "country boy."

That is pure gold right there.

In 30 words or less give us the low-down of your life right now.
With 3 crazy kids my life is always chaotic. On top of that I am trying to write, go to school and help my husband on the farm!
And I thought my life was busy?

Chocolate or Carmel?

Not even a question with me. ALWAYS CHOCOLATE!

Good Choice, I can't argue with that :)

Austen or Tolkien?
I have to pick? That's tough. Probably Austen.

Me too, I'm a sucker for romance. But I like Tolkien as well.

Make a funny face and take picture - we're all dying to know.

My Genius plan to blackmail you is in the works ^_^

LOL! That was blast! What would you like to know about Abby?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Book Review: CANCELLED by E. A. West

Because you guys are super special I thought I would throw in a second book review this week. (I know, I'm awesome.) Some of you might remember the interview I did with E. A. West a few weeks back and now I get to have her here again, wahoo!

The blurb on her blog:
A robotics engineer asks his business partner to marry him, but a previous one-night stand is having his baby  
Pretty straight forward, but I like it.

What I liked: As far as romances go I have never read a story like this. It was more out-of-the box then most of the recently released romances I've seen. Her characters are solid and I felt like I was part of their lives. I got involved enough that I almost texted my husband something important becasue that's what the characters would do -- then I remembered that prefer an actual conversation. :)

What I didn't like: I noticed quite a few grammatical errors and missing words that could have easily been avoided had an editor or critique group been involved. There was also a few times when the transitions made no sense and I was confused about where the characters were. But it didn't really bother me becasue the story was strong enough that I didn't obsess over every little mistake.

Overview: I really enjoyed CANCELLED, if you like romance then you'll like this book. I normally don't read adult romance becasue of the sex, but it wasn't too heavy a theme. She actually had interesting characters instead of two people who just pork each other all the time. And I think it ended just how it should have. Right now CANCELLED is only $.99 so I wouldn't miss out on the sale.

Have a question for the author? Just leave it in the comments and I'm sure she would be happy to answer them :) 

Pay it Forward Blog Hop

Even though I said I wasn't going to, I decided to join in at the very last minute  If you haven't heard of the Pay it Forward Blog Hop, What planet have you been living on?

So here's the deal, I get to pick three blogs and hopefully introduce you to a couple new writers that you haven't met before. I'm really sad that I only get to pick Three becasue I really Love so many of you!

First up is Cherie at Ready.Write. Go. We have been blogging for about the same amount of time as her and I really love every single thing she posts on her blog. If your not following her, you're missing out BIG TIME.

Next is David Powers King from The Cosmic Lair. I got to meet David at a writing conference and I am a huge fan. I really don't know anyone who isn't following him, but just in case you aren't here he is.

Last, but not least, is Abby Fowers at Something to Write About. I got to meet her too at the same said conference and can I say instant BFF? She is beyond awesome you'll want to check her out. 

Alright everyone 'Hop' to it! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Twitter Tips and Tricks

It's the post of the week that you all have been anxiously anticipating!
Since I know last week I converted you all to Twitter you'll need to learn how to use it :)

I'm going to start by answering some of your questions from last week.

Remember Tweet Deck?

It's your friend.

1. I'm getting overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people I'm following. Any ideas on how to trim that down? I'm so glad you asked. It's easy to feel guilty when people are following you and you aren't following them in return (and sometimes it's plain rude) so how can you see who you want to see and not feel overwhelmed by how many people you're following?


Think of them like the new groups in Facebook. Pick the people you want and throw them onto a list. I would suggest having several different kinds of lists to keep easier track. One for people you like to stalk, one for bloggers you like to retweet etc.

The best part about lists? You can throw people on there that you don't follow. See, Twitter has nit picky little thing where you can't follow more than 2,000 people if 2,000 people aren't following you.

But wait, what? You say I have secret crush on Justin Bieber and I want to follow all of his annoying groupies! Throw them on a list.

Or, more likely, you have slew of literary agents you want to watch, but they're keeping you from following more people - throw them on a list too (I would suggest this following or not).

And, guess what? All of your lists can be organized into columns on tweet deck, making it even easier to keep track.

2. What's the big deal with Hash Tags? I still don't get it. Hash tags are a must in the twitter world, if you're not using hash tags you're not reaching all of your potential audience.  Certain Hashtags like #yalitchat have specific chat times where you can connect with others who write and read YA. When you utilize this the increase you'll get in friendship and followers is astounding!

3. What's up with all fancy stuff? I just want to know how to talk to people. Tweetdeck is great for that too. See something you like? Just hover over the person's picture and Tweetdeck gives you lots of options.

Here's an example of a tweet -

and here is an example of what it looks like when you hover over the picture.


Say I want to reply to this tweet - I hit the little back arrow. Say I want to direct message this person, I hit the little envelope. Say I want to retweet this to everyone, I hit the forward arrow.

The little gear gives you a bunch of options, but I only ever use it if someone has written a tweet in a different language and I want to find out what they are saying. You just hover over the gear scroll down to 'tweet' then click 'translate'.

Not replying to someone? Use the @ sign to talk or a D before their twitter handle to direct message them. If you use the @ sign first, only people who are following both parties will see the tweet. If you put anything before the @ sign (a period or a word) everyone following you will see the tweet. Make sense?

This also applies if you are forwarding your tweets to facebook. If you use the @ sign first it won't show up on facebook, but if you use it after something it will.

I think that about covers it. Is there anything you want to know about Twitter? What's your favorite trick?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Update #10

Wow! What a week it's been. I've been potty training my 20 month old (her choice, not mine). We just took in a cat that needed a home, and that lovely cold bug has reached our house (again). Needless to say, not much writing has been going on around here. That's okay though becasue I'm optimistic about meeting my writing goals next week.

I was thinking about doing NaNoWriMo so that I could finish writing Existence by the end of November, but I've realized that just isn't possible for this book. So much research is required for the places the character visits in time and around the world that I couldn't possibly crank out 2,300 words a day (I don't write on the weekends) unless I had a good five hour chunk, which I don't. But I still hope to be encouraged by everyone who is participating and I wish you all luck!

Onto some good news, I passed 400 followers! Wahoo! I've been trying to follow everyone back but some of you don't have your blog listed on your profile :( So I haven't followed you please leave your blog address below becasue I would LOVE to visit!

Since I want to know you all better I thought I would ask, what is your favorite type of book to READ and what book would you recommend from that genre?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Write an Action Scene

Hello and welcome! Today is part four of the four part writing series on what I learned at the Utah League of Writers Conference. The official title of the seminar was called 'Pacing - Writing at the speed of life' and it was taught by this guy -

Alexander Gordon Smith

He wrote this series -

He has a totally wicked British accent and boy can he write action. He read us a little snippet from his book and I that was really compeling. It's on my TBR list just from that one minute read.

He was shy about his writing, which I thought was great, but he had some great tips when it comes to actions scenes.

His #1 piece of advice - Don't describe everything!

Action scenes should be fast paced and you want the reader to be hanging on the edge of their seat, so if you're telling everything that is going on in the battle around you the reader is going to lose interest. Focus on your Main Character and only tell what they see. If your MC is dodging jabs they aren't going to notice everything around them.

Keep your sentences short and avoid using, he, she and I a lot. Condense everything you can (i.e. Blood in the mouth. The edge of the sword. A flash of teeth. etc.) Most rules of grammar don't apply becasue you want your reader reading quickly.

He gave us quite a bit of time to write, but I found his advice very useful. What tips do you have for writing action scenes?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Review - Beholders: Insight

Today I have the honor of reviewing good friend and critique partner's book, Beholders: Insight.

The blurb on Goodreads:

Rumors are surging through Appernysia that a Beholder has been born, the first wielder of True Sight in over a millennium.

Seventeen-year-old Lon Marcs discovers he has been blessed—or cursed—with this gift. He cannot control the power of True Sight and feels it killing him with each passing day. After months of desperate attempts to survive, Lon’s situation becomes more hopeless. He realizes that the only people who might possess the knowledge to save his life are the sworn enemies of his king. To obtain their help, Lon would have to leave behind his family and beloved Kaylen.

Although this is the hardest decision Lon has ever made, it is only the first of many that will test his strength and challenge his interpretation of right and wrong.

What I Liked:

Terron has effectively created a new world and new way of looking at magic. True Sight is something that has never done before in any book that I've read, and I've read a few, so that's saying something!

What I didn't like:

The beginning is strong, but the middle lags. I wish that Terron had cut a large portion of the 1st part of the book and extended the 2nd part. I would have liked to have known even more about the Rayders and their society, and I would have liked to have seen that through the MC's, eyes instead of being told about it from other characters in the book.


The story itself is a good idea, and holds the potential for greatness. I was invested enough in the characters that the last line of the book made me throw it down in frustration wanting to read more. I see that as good sign since the book will be a series. My only complaint is that the writing could stand to be tightened up. Though it's grammatically correct for the most part Terron often slips into telling mode which leave the reader bored, but he makes up for it with compelling characters and an interesting world.

I give the book 4 out of 5 stars and I'm glad I'm in his critique group becasue I can't wait to see what happens next!

On a related note, Terron is holding a giveaway on his blog. If you buy his book for just $2.99 you could win a Nook! Pretty exciting, huh? So what are you waiting for?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Go Ahead, Indulge Yourself

Today is another Life List Friday and I'm hanging out at Violeta's blog, Lyn Midnight against the odds. But before you go make sure to read the post below from the lovely and talented Jess Witkins! Take it away Jess!

Hello Life Listers and welcome to the blog hop. Big thanks to my amazing and talented host, Jennie. I'm thrilled to make my second appearance at her blog. Did you miss me? I missed you!

For many of us, this time of year signifies not only the change in seasons, but in our behaviors as well. The weather gets chillier, and the fall line up of our favorite TV shows begin! We cozy up to pumpkin lattes and argyle pattern cardigans (or socks). And then BAM! The holidays are upon us, we're rushing around with shopping lists, catering plans, extra folding chairs for this or that party tossed in the car trunk, and if you live where I do, stock up on sidewalk salt to start melting that oncoming snow. Are you exhausted yet?

It seems no matter how we try, or what we prioritize to get done, we never have enough time to just relax. To take care of ourselves! I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. My birthday was this Tuesday and I was out of town leading a training for work. Of course my fellow facilitators took the initiative to embarrass me in front of the group by making everyone sing to me at the training. When the day ended several people asked me how I was going to be celebrating the evening. Did I have any big plans? Not really. All I wanted to do was go out for a nice, relaxing dinner (I know a place with to-die-for salmon!) and then return to the hotel and take a hot bath with a good book. I spent my “birthday money to me” on handmade luxury bath products from Lush and was so excited to just chill out! And yet, I felt kind of guilty. I should be more social with the other attendees, invite them out for drinks. I shouldn't spend money on these bath bombs and lotions when I have better places for my money to go.

It was really difficult for me to just let go, and say, “It's okay, I deserve this!” And that was on my birthday! Gosh, if you can't indulge a little on THAT day, when can you?

And then things started to click. On the Fridays the LLC isn't posting, I blog about guilty pleasures. I LOVE guilty pleasures. I adore writing those posts, and receive most of my comments from them. It's a connector for us. We all like to indulge in things now and again – a favorite TV show, listening to a new CD, a glass of wine (or bottle) at the end of a long day, or Mmmm...Cheetos. While all of us are working towards our Life List goals, we need to remember there is a place along that journey to indulge once in awhile. There's definitely a place for delayed gratification, say when you're trying to achieve a word count goal and twitter keeps interrupting your progress. Using twitter as a reward once you EARN your word count goal is a great motivator. But sometimes we need more than that.

So I'm asking YOU! What commitment will you make to indulge in yourself? What kinds of things recharge you and get you ready to work towards your dreams and goals again?

AND there's more! I'm going to share your ideas in a future Life List Club post to help remind you and recognize that taking care of ourselves helps us to be happier, more motivated people. So speak up, what are your guilty pleasures, how will you make more time to indulge? And what do you hope to see happen with your goals by doing this?

See you in the comments section! Save me some snacks and a seat!

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