Monday, October 17, 2011

Abby Fowers!

I've been trying to figure out a unique way to let everyone know about all the cool bloggers I follow. It seems like everyone does interviews already, but that really is the best way to showcase someone. Too keep it interesting, I'm throwing out some crazy question that you may have never heard of before (hopefully).

My first test subject interviewee is Abby Fowers from Something to Write About.

Quick! Hit us with your best You Tube video.
I mostly use You Tube for music videos so I will go with this one. 1- I love the song, 2- Funny music video, and 3- I'm what you might call a "city girl" who married a "country boy."

That is pure gold right there.

In 30 words or less give us the low-down of your life right now.
With 3 crazy kids my life is always chaotic. On top of that I am trying to write, go to school and help my husband on the farm!
And I thought my life was busy?

Chocolate or Carmel?

Not even a question with me. ALWAYS CHOCOLATE!

Good Choice, I can't argue with that :)

Austen or Tolkien?
I have to pick? That's tough. Probably Austen.

Me too, I'm a sucker for romance. But I like Tolkien as well.

Make a funny face and take picture - we're all dying to know.

My Genius plan to blackmail you is in the works ^_^

LOL! That was blast! What would you like to know about Abby?
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