Friday, October 14, 2011

Book Review: CANCELLED by E. A. West

Because you guys are super special I thought I would throw in a second book review this week. (I know, I'm awesome.) Some of you might remember the interview I did with E. A. West a few weeks back and now I get to have her here again, wahoo!

The blurb on her blog:
A robotics engineer asks his business partner to marry him, but a previous one-night stand is having his baby  
Pretty straight forward, but I like it.

What I liked: As far as romances go I have never read a story like this. It was more out-of-the box then most of the recently released romances I've seen. Her characters are solid and I felt like I was part of their lives. I got involved enough that I almost texted my husband something important becasue that's what the characters would do -- then I remembered that prefer an actual conversation. :)

What I didn't like: I noticed quite a few grammatical errors and missing words that could have easily been avoided had an editor or critique group been involved. There was also a few times when the transitions made no sense and I was confused about where the characters were. But it didn't really bother me becasue the story was strong enough that I didn't obsess over every little mistake.

Overview: I really enjoyed CANCELLED, if you like romance then you'll like this book. I normally don't read adult romance becasue of the sex, but it wasn't too heavy a theme. She actually had interesting characters instead of two people who just pork each other all the time. And I think it ended just how it should have. Right now CANCELLED is only $.99 so I wouldn't miss out on the sale.

Have a question for the author? Just leave it in the comments and I'm sure she would be happy to answer them :) 

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