Friday, October 7, 2011

Go Ahead, Indulge Yourself

Today is another Life List Friday and I'm hanging out at Violeta's blog, Lyn Midnight against the odds. But before you go make sure to read the post below from the lovely and talented Jess Witkins! Take it away Jess!

Hello Life Listers and welcome to the blog hop. Big thanks to my amazing and talented host, Jennie. I'm thrilled to make my second appearance at her blog. Did you miss me? I missed you!

For many of us, this time of year signifies not only the change in seasons, but in our behaviors as well. The weather gets chillier, and the fall line up of our favorite TV shows begin! We cozy up to pumpkin lattes and argyle pattern cardigans (or socks). And then BAM! The holidays are upon us, we're rushing around with shopping lists, catering plans, extra folding chairs for this or that party tossed in the car trunk, and if you live where I do, stock up on sidewalk salt to start melting that oncoming snow. Are you exhausted yet?

It seems no matter how we try, or what we prioritize to get done, we never have enough time to just relax. To take care of ourselves! I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. My birthday was this Tuesday and I was out of town leading a training for work. Of course my fellow facilitators took the initiative to embarrass me in front of the group by making everyone sing to me at the training. When the day ended several people asked me how I was going to be celebrating the evening. Did I have any big plans? Not really. All I wanted to do was go out for a nice, relaxing dinner (I know a place with to-die-for salmon!) and then return to the hotel and take a hot bath with a good book. I spent my “birthday money to me” on handmade luxury bath products from Lush and was so excited to just chill out! And yet, I felt kind of guilty. I should be more social with the other attendees, invite them out for drinks. I shouldn't spend money on these bath bombs and lotions when I have better places for my money to go.

It was really difficult for me to just let go, and say, “It's okay, I deserve this!” And that was on my birthday! Gosh, if you can't indulge a little on THAT day, when can you?

And then things started to click. On the Fridays the LLC isn't posting, I blog about guilty pleasures. I LOVE guilty pleasures. I adore writing those posts, and receive most of my comments from them. It's a connector for us. We all like to indulge in things now and again – a favorite TV show, listening to a new CD, a glass of wine (or bottle) at the end of a long day, or Mmmm...Cheetos. While all of us are working towards our Life List goals, we need to remember there is a place along that journey to indulge once in awhile. There's definitely a place for delayed gratification, say when you're trying to achieve a word count goal and twitter keeps interrupting your progress. Using twitter as a reward once you EARN your word count goal is a great motivator. But sometimes we need more than that.

So I'm asking YOU! What commitment will you make to indulge in yourself? What kinds of things recharge you and get you ready to work towards your dreams and goals again?

AND there's more! I'm going to share your ideas in a future Life List Club post to help remind you and recognize that taking care of ourselves helps us to be happier, more motivated people. So speak up, what are your guilty pleasures, how will you make more time to indulge? And what do you hope to see happen with your goals by doing this?

See you in the comments section! Save me some snacks and a seat!

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