Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ink Pagent - The Place for Writing Bloggers to be!

What if there was place for bloggers who are also writers to gather and share their posts exclusively with other writers who are also bloggers. Would you be excited? I know I was was when Darren Hansen told me about his new website at the League of Utah Writers Conference back in September. He didn't have it fully operational then, but he does now.

Let me introduce you to Ink Pageant -

Isn't that logo cool?

All you have to do is register and then you can start submitting your posts to the homepage. The great thing is, they moderate every posts so non-writing related posts don't get added. It's just a community of bloggers finding one another and sharing their talents. It's an awesome place to meet new bloggers and be met.

Everything is very intuivie and easy to use. So go check it out!

What would your dream website be?


P.S. The Killer Character's Blogfest is starting on Monday, I encourage everyone to join becasue it's going to be awesome!!
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