Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Protagonist Anyone?

Today marks the second entry for the killer characters blog-fest and we're talking about protagonists.

I like protagonists! I know not everyone does, but I love rooting for the good guy! This has to be the hardest entry becasue picking just one means picking a favorite book, I have so many favroites it was hard to pick just one. I decided to narrow it down by picking my favorite bull headed and soft hearted female lead, Elizabeth Bennet, from Pride and Pejudice.

 She doesn't need any super powers to be well liked. I think a good portion of us have made the same stupid mistakes in love and life (and who's family hasn't embarrassed them more than once?) I love Elizabeth becasue she is flawed,  yet she learns and grows so much throughout the book.

She doesn't chase after the rich and handsome Darcy becasue he's rich and handsome. It comes down to finding his character and loving him for who he is, and not how society paints him (unlike the choices of her little sister). That, in my book, makes for one of the greatest love stories of all time.

What do you like in a protagonist? 

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