Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Holiday Blog Hop

Today at Jenny's Imaginary World there is blog hop going on and a chance to win some amazing books. All you have to do is write a something short and sweet about the holidays. Simple enough? Good.

Here's my entry, which is just a conversation I had in my head (Hey, I'm a writer okay? I'm allowed to be crazy.)

"Christmas is your favorite Holiday?" Someone sayswith a sneer, "don't you hate all the commercialism?"

"Of course I do." I respond

"Then why is it your favorite? Shouldn't you likeThanksgiving or something?"

I give them a gentle smile, "there are so many things tolike about Christmas that have nothingto do with commercialism."

"Like what?" They ask.

"Like the way everyone's hearts seem to open up and weforget about how much we hate eachother for one moment and start to think about those people who have nothing,when we have been given so much."

"Oh." They say. 

There is no response to that becausethey feel it too, but only on Christmas.


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