Friday, November 11, 2011

NaNo Update and some Big News!!

My fingers are shaking as I write this because I'm so excited to tell you about my big news! But first I just wanted to give a short update on NaNoWriMo.

Things are going well, I'm on track (for now) even though I had to delete 2,000 words becasue I was getting to the end of the story too quickly.

The more I write the more I see the book ending up at about 70,000 words instead of 80,000. This is just fine, but that means I will probably finish the book before the end of the month and I won't have written 50,000 words. But that's still a win in my opinion.

Now for the big news --


I'm going to be published!!!

Now, it's not a novel -- I wish. It's a short story I entered into a contest back in May. The e-book is being released NEXT THURSDAY on kindle. I'm pretty sure it's not going to cost more then $2.99. I have no control over the price (and I don't get any of the proceeds) so I can't give away free copies, but if I could I would give it away to anyone who wanted it, I'm don't write anything to make money (I would be in a bind if that was the case) I just want to be read. There are going to be a few other short stories from other people who entered the contest, but since I was 4th  place you won't see my name on the cover.

The story is written in the same style as Earth Song since that's where my head was at the time. The theme of the contest was "Totally Cliche" and here is the synopsis of it -

The Promise of War
Beth isn't your average Princess -- she's never been dressed up or fed with a silver spoon, but that's what happens when your country is ravaged by war. In an attempt to save her father and her kingdom she is marrying Prince Clayton, the only man with an army big enough to stop their enemies. The only thing that holds her back is a dream of true love.

Wow, that sounds cheesy when I write it like that. Then again, the story was meant to be a twist on the cliche ;)

Anyway, I hope you will consider downloading it next Thursday (I'll make sure and post a link, and you can download kindle software for your PC if you don't have an e-reader), but I understand if you can't. Love you guys!

Oh yeah, and here's a little peek at the cover -

 I can't wait!!
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