Monday, November 14, 2011

Nisa Swineford!

Today I have the lovely Nisa from Wordplay/Swordplay joining us for another crazy interview! She is super fun and cute so go check out her blog when you have a chance :)

Give us the You Tube video you like to stalk the most.

Youtube? What's that? Seriously, Youtube isn't one of my regular haunts, but I do think this one is a classic. 14G anyone?

I've never seen this before, LOVE Kristen Chenoweth!

Using only 1st letter of your name give us three words that describe you.

Do you know how hard it is to come up with "J" adjectives? Joyous, Jovial, uh, Juvenile may or may not apply... Juicy? Jolly? I'm stuck! Let's go with "just" for #3 just because.

  Um... That was really good :) 

Handwriting or typing?

Typing. I can't read my own handwriting. Sadly, that is a true statement. It makes me feel better to know that I can't read anyone else's handwriting either.

Me too! I am not alone!

Thanksgiving or Valentines?

Thanksgiving. Food never lets you down. It never lets the scale let you down either.


We want to know the real you - give us funny picture that shows your personality. 

LOL! Perfect :)

Thanks so much for joining us Nisa! That was a blast :D

If you didn't hear last Friday, my short story is going to be published in an anthology available on Kindle, Thursday. For more details click here.
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