Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Milestones

Tomorrow is the eve of a new year and course that means it's time for new resolutions! Thanks to Life List Club we get to do this party style. There will be giveaways on each members blog and I'm giving out two copies of the TOTALLY CLICHE e-book which features my story THE PROMISE OF WAR but before we get to that we have to talk about goals becasue that is what the Life list club is about.


Writing Goals -

1.  Submit 1st chapter of EXISTENCE to LDS Storymakers contest before February 1st.

2. Edit full MS of EXISTENCE and have beta readers / professional editor finish reading it before May 1.

3. Write query and send to at least ten agents by June 1.

4. Being work on SPIN (re-write and contemporary twist on novel previously entitled EARTH SONG)

5. Continue submitting/working on EXISTENCE throughout 2012

I know these goals are kind of fast as far as editing and submitting goals but I don't want to over edit like I did with EARTH SONG. I want to to be the best that it can be, but I also want it to be the story that I intend for it to be, not what other people think it should be. If no agents bite by the end of 2012 I'm going to look into self-publishing.

Personal Goals -

1. Get my kids out of the house daily to play.

2. Move more and sit at the computer less.

3. Read at least one book a week.

I'm not going to be too hard on myself with these becasue I come pretty close to achieving them anyway. Plus, I want a book more than I want to be thinner. But the other two goals are still pretty high up there.

So here's how the giveaway's going to work. tell me one of your goals in the comments and I'll put your name in the hat. Simple, right?


Oh yeah, and don't forget to check out these other awesome giveaways as well -

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David Walker - 1 interview and 1 guest post trade
Gary Gauthier - 1 ebook to a new follower
Everyone have a fantastic 2012!

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