Wednesday, January 25, 2012

After 2012

I found out about a fun little hop is being put together by some of my favorite people -- Lillie McFerrin, Angela Goff, Angie Richmond, and Daniel Swensen. I like these guys and their prompt enough that I probably would have entered anyway. But when I found out the grand prize was a 50 page critique from Lillie, I had to enter. Lillie has helped me before and she is wonderful person to have critiquing your work.

Now what would a hop be without rules? They are as follows:

Write a piece of flash fiction, poem, or song (300 words or less) using the photo as your inspiration. Post it on your blog any time between now and when the linky closes. Every eligible entry will qualify for a chance to win one of the prizes listed below. The linky will be open from January 23 through January 30.
Angie, Angela, Daniel and I will read, debate, and decide on five winners for the following:

1st: Fifty page critique by Lillie McFerrin

2nd: Twenty-Five page critique by Angie Richmond

3rd: Fifteen page critique by Angela Goff

4th: Ten page critique by Daniel Swensen

5th: A copy of Steven King’s On Writing

Aren't those prizes awesome? And the photo prompt is equally as cool. Here it is, along with my entry.

Saraiah stuck her hands into her pockets in an attempt to still the shaking. The council had gathered all together after she related to them events that took place in the clearing.

"Please, tell us what you saw."

It was the council spokeswoman, Regina. She had been addressing the one-hundred or so who gathered on the wooden benches around an outdoor stadium, but at this moment she was staring at Saraiah. The girl stood, her legs wobbling as she crossed to the stage.

With an encouraging nod from Regina Saraiah addressed the group,"I--- I saw --- it was a bot."

It started as a few whispers but soon the crowd was murmuring their panicked cries.

"Everyone please calm down," Regina said in her best we can work this out voice.

"We need to take action!" an older gentleman yelled out, "I won't see those bots taking over our lands again. There is no place left to run!"

Regina spread her hands wide and kept her face smooth,"Everyone just take your seats and let Saraiah
explain. There is still hope yet."

The spokeswoman looked at Saraiah and smiled, but that did nothing to ease the mood.

"It was a glowing light hanging from the sky. Just one.It might be easily severed."

Even though Saraiah had said the words she had no confidence in them. It had started out this way in other lands. A single piece of bot popping up in the middle of a wilderness. The world had been overtaken now. This was the last place that hadn't been touched. The last colony of humans trying to survive.

The words were as hollow as Saraiah felt. There would be no more surviving, no more hiding. It was time for the final battle, and already the bots had won.
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