Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blogging is an Art...

... and no one should tell you different. It's true that anyone can blog, and yes blogging isn't really considered published. But it is still an art. I know many of you (myself included) spend a good amount of time making sure you have good content, good appearance and are constantly growing and expanding your readership. Don't tell me that blogging isn't work -- I know, I'm preaching to the choir.

The only reason I say this is becasue I think we sometimes discount ourselves. We think it a small thing that the most we have done in our writing careers in run a successful blog. Sure, agents and editors may not see that as the golden ticket to getting published, but it shouldn't count for nothing either. I have known so many bloggers that given up blogging (*cough cough* including me *cough cough*) becasue it's time consuming.


This isn't something we should just roll over an accept that every other writer is doing becasue that isn't the case. It isn't even close to the case. Many of you, like myself, are blogging becasue you genuinely want to learn more about writing and further your career.

The point is, don't let anyone tell you your blogging isn't worth it, becasue it is. I learned that for myself in the three week absence I took to figure out what I needed from blogging.

Has anyone ever pressured you to quit blogging, or told you your blog isn't good enough?
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