Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Have Super Powers

Yes, you read the title right. I have recently acquired some new super powers. Sometimes they are a delight, and other times they can be quite taxing.


What Super Powers do I have? A heightened sense of smell for one, along with that comes a sensitivity for foods and a delicate palate. Oh yes, and I now have the ability to need a nap, all of the time. What? That's not a super power? Okay you caught me. I guess I'll just have to confess.

I'm Pregnant

Yep, what I thought at first was sudden surge in super-prowess turns out to be a baby. I'm due in the middle of September. 

Why do I bring this up on a writing blog? Because I now have extra motivation to get my book done. I would be working on it more if it wasn't for that dang sickness and my unlimited napping powers. Here's hoping I get something accomplished before then.

Go ahead, tell me your big news of the week. I'm dying to hear ;) 

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