Thursday, February 2, 2012

January Mini-Reviews

First let me give a big thank you to all who commented yesterday. I have decided that what I've already written is okay becasue even if you don't see the characters flaws at first, you find them out later in the book.

Those of you that followed my old blog may have heard a thing or two about my goals in 2012. If you haven't, you are about to be enlightened.

One of my goals is to read a book a week. That will add up to 52 books in a year. In order to hold myself accountable, I plan on doing mini-reviews of the books I read the previous month. So buckle up and get ready for a little ride ;)

Artemis Fowl:

  The Arctic Incident      The Eternity Code     The Opal Deception

I feel like I should tell you about all three of these books together becasue they all relate to each other. If you haven't heard of Artemis Fowl and you write MG or YA, it's time you heard about it. Who doesn't love a boy genius bent on being a criminal Mastermind? Especially one who likes to steal from magical Fairies. Got your interest? Good. Pick these ones up, they are worth it.

The Kane Chronicles: Throne of Fire.


This is the second in the Kane series, but I didn't have the chance to get to until now. Once again Riordan tells a hilarious and peril-wrought journey of the Kane siblings, and once again leaves us guessing. I wouldn't say it was my favorite novel from him, but it was worth picking up (and maybe even picking up again).

Servant of a Dark God

If you followed my old blog then you might know how long I've been wanting to get through this one. I met John Brown at a writers conference and bought his book. And let me tell you, it was wonderful. He writes like George R. R. Martin only in a more young adult style. Fantastic read.

As you can see, I actually got through five books this month (wahoo!) but I'm not quite sure I can keep it up. We'll just have to see how the rest of the year goes.
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