Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Should your Author Blog be About Writing?

I read a post the other day (and I wish I could remember who wrote it!) about how writers shouldn't be writing blogs about writing.

The author of the blog had several valid points such as, "Are you reaching your target audience" and "Is your blog lost in a sea of other writing blogs?"

While I somewhat agree with these statements, I also beg to differ. My audience is anyone who is going to read my book, and guess what? Writers read! Not to mention the amazing support other blogging writers give to friends who are launching books (free publicity anyone?).


I have a mantra for this blog and that is, write what I feel. I'm not going to come on here and not talk about writing becasue certian "experts" think I shouldn't mention the 'W' word even though I am a writer.

I didn't start this blog becasue I want to talk about my kids. I started this blog becasue I wanted to become a better writer, and how can I do that if I never discuss the subject of writing?

Yes there are lots of other blogs out there about writing, but that doesn't mean my blog doesn't have it's own voice. It doesn't mean I can't stand out in a crowd if I don't want to.

It's my obligation to put honest and useful information out onto the internet and how can I do that if I'm not being myself in my blog posts?

So here's my advice, if you want to blog about writing, do it!


P.S. The winners for the giveaway on my blog and Tasha's blog where chosen. Congrats Jen R. with a copy of Everneath, Nicole MC with a copy of Midnight in Austenland, and Joshua for winning $20 in gift cards!
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