Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yet Another Addiction

Sometimes I get caught in internet social crazes (i.e. blogging -- *ahem*).  The google plus excitement came and went. I was enjoying pintrest until I discovered that every time I went I left either really hungry or sad that my house doesn't look like a magazine cover.

And even though I frequent Facebook and Twitter I feel the need to get involved in yet another social networking disaster.

No, scratch that, I didn't feel the need to get involved in this, it just happened. You see, I asked a question on Yahoo! Answers. It was blogging related question. Most of you know that I'm pretty up-to-date about blogging. I really would not have asked the question if I didn't think there was tech-guru out there with a serious answer.


Instead I get some smart comment with a completely useless suggestion that I was dying to give a thumbs down. I don't like to be negative, but really, this answer deserved it. Only one problem. I didn't have enough 'points' to give a thumbs down.

Yahoo! Answers has a completely stupid rating system where basically you have to answer 5,000 questions before you're allowed to give a bad answer a thumbs down (or a good one a thumbs up). For the heck of it, I decided to look in the Authors and Books sections to see if I could answer any questions. I could earn points, then I could let the person that answered my question know how deficient they where.

And I got sucked in. So many questions reminded me of my first attempts to write a novel. These people need my help, I thought -- and now I'm addicted.There's something about feeling like you have a bit of knowledge to share, and sharing it.  Not to mention the thrill of getting best answer. It's a nice warm fuzzy.

Now I can hear you asking -- What is wrong with you? How is this addicting?

Let me give you an example question and dare you not to want to expel your expertise.

Am I the only that feels the burning need to answer this? Please tell me I'm not crazy!
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