Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Impact of Reading

2011 was crazy. I started my first blog. For the first time I considered myself a serious writer. I got all giddy about the caliber of writers I was meeting. Somewhere in the mess I stopped reading.

The thing was, I didn't think I had time. Blogging swallowed me whole. Not to mention the thrill of writing and learning about writing. I was so naive and clueless before blogging it hurt.

It took me eight months to figure out just how much I needed reading in my life. Many of you know that I had a little breakdown and stopped blogging all together. That time was good for me. It wasn't long, but it was just long enough for me to stretch my wings and figure out what I needed to do so blogging wouldn't rule my life anymore. It also gave me the chance to pick up a good book (or two).

I still love blogging. I still love visiting other blogs and seeing my friends succeed in the publishing industry, there is nothing more thrilling. But I needed to claim my reading time back.

Let me tell you, reading a book a week has changed me. When you become a serious writer, when you study out the rules, you figure out what works and what doesn't.

Reading not only spawns ideas,but it fills you with the power of creation. It makes you believe in literature again. It's easy to lose that faith when you become a cynic of writing. But the truth is there are so many good books out there that can teach you about writing and what your book is missing.

Read. Read in your genre. Read to enjoy and read to learn. We cannot become excellent writers without reading. You can set a little blogging aside. You can set a little writing time aside. Reading is important. It will make your writing better, and will fill your life with the stories we writers crave.

Make it priority. Start today, and never stop.
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