Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I love spring. I have been especially loving this spring with so many days of good weather. Happy sunny days make me happy. I guess I should call spring my favorite season becasue I'm a huge fan of those blossoming trees and flowers.

Then again...

Today my son asked if spring was over (becasue I told him Easter was over, which he was very sad about) and I explained that spring wasn't over. Somehow that lead to me telling him all about summer.

Days so hot you could almost melt. Water fights, camping trips, barbeques, and playing in the sand. Sweet watermelon and corn right off the cob. Popsicles.

Oh man, maybe summer is my favorite season.

The fact remains that I am having a very difficult time staying indoors which means very little writing is happening right now since I only have a desktop, and I can't read my own handwriting.

However, I am justifying my lack of writing with all the relaxation and inspiration I am receiving from the great outdoors. Oh well, I can finish my book in the fall, right? Except, I'm having a baby then so...

Geez! You don't have to twist my arm -- somehow I will get to it. I guess it's time to buy a laptop.

What are you planning on doing this summer?


P. S. I was going to write a totally awesome tutorial on how to enable email so that we could have lovely in-box chats, but Peggy Eddleman beat me to the punch. Everyone go take a look. Now!
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