Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pancakes, Blue Suits, and U-hauls

Ah, High School. The classes, the stereotypes, the cafeteria food, and oh yes the dances. That's right, today I'm joining the crowd and reliving those awkward high school dance moments.

I have two fantastic stories that I just couldn't choose between so I decided to give you a taste of both. (I know, it's long. You don't have to read it all, but if you want to laugh, you do.)

The first one was my senior year Homecoming dance. I had never been to homecoming before and I was desperate enough to let a friend hook me up for the night. My first indication that this date was going to go horribly wrong was the boy's name. Max Ford. To top that off he was from Ukraine. Oh joy.

The day started out innocent enough, the boys wanted to take us out for breakfast, so we went to Ihop, yum. And that was the point when the fun of the day ended. Ladies, have you ever had man order a meal for you? If you have, how long were you dating said man? I bet it wasn't the first date where you just met the guy.

Oh yes, he ordered for me. Pancakes, no less. I'm not a huge pancake person. I like eggs, and bacon, and hash browns. Realizing his mistake after the look on my face, he let me order something else. And guess what the best part is? When I didn't eat the pancakes he asked the waitress to take them back and take them off the bill! That wasn't awkward at all.

To make a long story short. Max Ford followed me around like a puppy for the rest of the day, complained about how expensive dinner was all night, and showed up in a baby blue suit complete with top hat and cane (it wasn't a joke).

I would love to show you pictures of said suit, but Max Ford would not let me have said pictures unless I went with him alone to his house. Tragedy, I know.

Imagine this, only worse.

Next, I wanted to share a much better story about my senior prom. I went with one of my best friends which is always a good idea for dances. The day was fun, but the night was something I'll never forget.

I know quite a few people who rented Limos for the Prom. It's a tradition, right? How fun is it to ride in Limo to prom? My mode of transportation was much better.

My date came to pick me up at the appointed time. I walked out my door and saw another friend pulling up across the street. I assumed we were riding with the other friend so I started towards his car.

"We're in the U-haul." my date said. I kept walking. "No, really. We're in the U-haul." I turned to see where he was pointing and sure enough, there was a U-haul in my driveway.

My mouth was hanging open. I walked up to the back of the truck and just as I'm about to hyperventilate, the other boys open the back end, put down the walkway and roll out the red carpet, literally.  I went from freaking out to knowing I had the coolest friends ever.

The back of the U-haul had red carpet along the bottom. The walls were lined with couches and fake trees with little sparkling lights. There was cooler with drinks and soft music playing in the background. It was the Epitome of awesome!

I sit down and find on my seat a little pamphlet that looks like this -

 For those of you who don't share my religion, this is a guide for young people on issues such as dating, morality, and cleanliness. Apparently my date's brother threw this at the back of his head as he was walking out the door. I knew we had to use it in our prom picture. This is what came out -

 Needless to say, I can always look back at that night and laugh.

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