Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keeping Your Toes in the Water

I've said it before (many a time) and I'm going to say it again. This writing thing is hard. Whenever we put ourselves out there we are opening ourselves up to judgement and criticism which can be hard to take, but which will also make us better writers.

I'm learning something in the query process. I've been rejected a few times already (which I totally expected) and some of the rejects have been harder than others. But here's the thing, I'm keeping my toes in the water.

What does that mean exactly? Well, I'm making sure I have more than one query out there so that when I get rejected, I can't give up. I still have another query out there, so I know the rejection isn't going to be my last chance. As long as my toes stay wet, I'm inclined to continue sitting by the pool.

Even though rejection is hard, it doesn't mean I'm giving up. I will continue to work on my query letter and my MS and I will search far and wide until I find the agent or publisher that is right for me and my book.

Friends, don't give up. Keep your feet wet and someday you may get the chance to swim.

How do you deal with harsh critiques/rejection?
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