Monday, July 23, 2012

Using Images and Other Random Thoughts

I want to start out this post with an announcement: I will no longer be doing awards. I struggled with this one because I think my blogger friends are the coolest people in the world and I want to share the love and link back to everyone who has posted links to me. Still, I am weeks behind on awards and I just can't seem to fit them into my blogging schedule.

This doesn't mean I'm cutting you guys out. I plan on sharing links to blogs that I find extremely awesome any chance I get. I have quite a few awesome ones listed below that you should check out if you feel inclined.

Also, I've tried to add back everyone who has me on their blog list, but sometimes I miss people so if I'm on your blog list and you want to be on mine, give me a shout.

Now, onto the title of this post. Using Images. There is a really great article that I read the other day on Facebook (thanks Donna Weaver!) about using images. I, like the blogger in this post, thought that as long as I credited the images I used on my blog. I also thought that if took down any images people did not want being used, I would be fine. Turns out I'm wrong.

Please, please read this post. Be aware, and save yourself some heartache and maybe even some legal fees. I'm not safe yet, I have to clean up my Pinterest and my old blog posts to be sure. But from now on I'm using public domain pictures, many of which are beyond awesome, such as this one -

It never hurts to be more safe than sorry.

In other news, I have a few new tabs above. All of these tabs are also on my website, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to add them here as well :)

Let me know of any news you think should be shared with the blogging world!
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