Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Writing and Music

This past week in my League of Utah Writers group we did a fun a little exercise. Our chapter president put together a few songs and had us write a story to the music. The point was to showcase how much a shift in songs can change the way we write.

I often write with headphones in, and I become so focused that I don't even notice the music until something strikes me. The funny thing about doing that exercise was that I wrote what I wanted to anyway. I started thinking of a plot line and I plowed my way through. But I wasn't really feeling it.

In fact, when I got home I tore out the pages I wrote and threw the story in the trash. I didn't think the music had really influenced me until I crumpled up the story, becasue none of the music that played matched what I was going for in a story line.

So here's something to consider. Before you sit down to write, visualize the scene, find the perfect song and keep it on repeat. That way you'll have the same tone to your writing. It might even fuel you more than you expected.

Here's the song I was listening to while writing this post, do you think it influenced me?

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