Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A License to Read

My husband and I where having a conversation the other day about getting our first Library Cards. My husband made the comment "I thought I was so cool, it was like I'd been given a license to read." Once I finished laughing I couldn't help but agree.

It's funny, but I still see my library card as a precious possession. I mean, I can read a lot more becasue I don't have to buy every book on my wishlist (though I sometimes dream about being able to do so, it just isn't possible in a stay-at-home mom's budget.)

The great thing about living in a small town is that I can often reserve very popular books online. Since not many people in my town know how to use that system, I can get the book as soon as whoever has it decides to turn it in. I only wait about three days to get the newest books that other library's have hundreds of holds on.

The downside to living in a little town is that they don't always have the books that I want. And I'm pretty sure the ladies at the front desk are sick of me requesting books. Still, I'm grateful for what I can get.

Sometimes I feel like my neighbors don't even know how great our library is. Maybe I should run a campaign to get more people reading. (but then would I get my books as fast?)

I guess the point is, too many people think they don't have the money to read, or the time to visit a library. But with the internet that's just not true. If my little town has an online holding system, I guarantee other towns have similar things. My state also has on an online audiobook library which I totally love.

Reading doesn't have to take a hit becasue of feeble excuses. As an author it worries me how little people use libraries. It's like that high of getting your first license to read has totally worn off, when it shouldn't.

So here's the challenge to my author friends. Go to your library and look for a book you'd like to read. If they don't have it, request it so more authors can get onto the shelves.

Here's the challenge for those who aren't authors, get a library card and read!

It's pretty simple, our libraries need us and we need them. Plus it you never know what gems you'll find sitting on the shelf that you might have missed otherwise. Reading is good for the soul.

Do you use your library? Have you given your children a license to read?
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