Monday, October 22, 2012

Pushing Forward

Rejection. If you've ever put yourself out there, you've dealt with it. No one gets a free pass in this industry. Whether it's just a critique or the actual query process rejection is hard.

Most agents these days simply don't respond to your query if they're not interested. While that stings, it doesn't hurt as much as getting a request then getting rejected.

The other day I had a rejection that really upset me. I like to pretend that I'm strong all of the time, but really it's hard even though I know that the industry is subjective and it's not a personal attack on me.

Sometimes you just want something so bad and it's hard to see past that when the rejection comes. While I was moping, I heard this song on the radio -

The lyrics spoke to me in a way they hadn't before, and I found a new sense of strength. I once watched a special on Katy Perry that told of how she had two recording contracts that both fell through before she hit it big. I can't help but think that some of that emotion was put into this song.

We all have times when we fall after a high, but that doesn't mean we don't pick ourselves up and keep going.

Sometimes we need a wake up call to become better. While rejection hurts, the best and only solution is to keep working and keep reaching for the stars. Even if you fall a few times along the way.
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