Tuesday, December 4, 2012

If I Die Young

Sometimes emotion needs to be vented and for me, there's no better way to do that than by writing. So here I am putting it all out to the universe in hopes that someone will learn something from the tragedies that have taken place around me these last few days.

Two days ago my cousin, who was 30 weeks pregnant, very abruptly lost her baby. Last night, a dear friend to the family lost his life without warning. I just saw my cousin a couple of weeks ago and everything was fine, baby was healthy and she was so happy and excited. It was her first child. I also saw the family friend around the same time, he was in his mid-forties and looked as healthy, if not healthier, than any person at his age should look.

When my mom called me last night to tell me the news, suddenly the most important thing in my life was that my husband, lying next to me, knew how much I loved him. I think sometimes I lose sight of that. I get caught up in my to-do's and I worry over things that just don't matter.

Life is what matters.

Even my writing exploits went down a notch. Sometimes I get so worried about how much I'm working on something that I forget to slow down and just be with my children and my husband.

This is a reminder of what is really precious in life. Writing is great way to spend your time, it's a worthy dream and goal, but don't let it overtake everything else. Becasue the lives around you are more important than that.

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