Wednesday, January 9, 2013

December Mini-reviews

Last year I made a goal to read a book a week - 52 books in total. It was a long, but enjoyable, road and I'm proud to say that I accomplished that goal, +1. Although  didn't read much in December with Holiday craziness I got a couple of excellent books in.

Seaweed by Elle Strauss. I really love Elle's clockwise serious so I thought I'd love this book too. Let me first say the writing was fun and cute, but I just cannot do mermaid stories. I have a hard suspending my disbelief enough to think that two legs can become a tail. But if you have no problem with that, and you like mermaids, you'll love this book.

The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney by Suzanne Harper. This was another salvage read from the SLC library (for the story see this post) and another one that I am so glad I saved. Guys, I totally think Ghost Whisper's are fakes, but this book had me believing! Amazing writing, strong characters, and a little (just a simdge) of romance to boot. Cute, fun, read.

Kelley's blog
Fraction of Stone by Kelley Lynn. If you don't know Kelley hop over to her blog and follow right now, becasue she is all kinds of awesome! I actually had the chance to read her first chapter once, and it was amazing to see how to she changed it. I was seriously blown away from page 1. Rydan is my new favorite book crush. Seriously, I rooted for him through the whole book (even when he was an idiot) and totally fell in love. The ending about killed me! I can't wait for the next book. (Do you need another CP Kelley?) I was lucky enough to win the ARC to this, so you can't partake in the awesomeness yet. But it will be out on March 21st and I recommend purchasing it for your immediate inhalation.

That does it for last month. Stay tuned next week for my 300 followers giveaway that might just include an ARC mentioned above :)
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