Wednesday, January 2, 2013

IWSG, New Year

Not only is it the first Wednesday of the month, but it's the first Wednesday of the new year! That, of course, means it's time for another post from the Insecure Writer's support group.

This month I want to talk goals. (I bet you weren't expecting that!) Last year I made a few goals and I set myself some deadlines. I didn't reach a single one of those milestones, but I'm still glad I set those goals. Even if I fell short, I still had those objectives in mind, and they pushed me to do more with my writing than I ever have in years past.

I'm always insecure about what I can really accomplish, so I'm going to lay out my goals for IWSG in hopes that I can gain strength from this support group to actually attain my dreams of publication.

1. Finish writing my current unnamed YA romance novel.

2. Polish Stealing the Stars, My NaNo novel.

3. Give my first oral pitch at a writers conference.

4. Polish said YA romance novel.

5. Self-Publish a Christmas Anthology that will feature some of my awesome blogging buddies :)

That alone should fill up 2013 writing wise (and I want to squeeze another book in there too if I can). Hopefully, I'll be able to accomplish all of it. But if not, I'll be happy if I accomplish at least two of these goals. Here's to an awesome 2013!
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