Friday, February 1, 2013

Imaginary Friends Bloghop

It's time for the Imaginary Friends Bloghop hosted by the awesome Annalisa Crawford and Kyra Lennon! It's time to share our childhood imaginary friends.

I didn't have any imaginary friends, but I did have a huge imagination. Mostly I'd make up stories about people and animals. (Who would have guessed, right?)

Here's what my imagination has come up with today - 

Calico twisted her forked tail in her paws as she waited in front the mirror. Once again, Paige was late today. It seemed like Paige’s visits were becoming less and less frequent.

“I thought I’d find you here,” Calico’s mother said, stepping into the room.

Calico sighed and stepped down from her stool, turning her back to the mirror. “How did you guess?”

A smile tugged at her mother’s lips. “You’re always consorting with that thing.”

“Mom, that thing is a human girl. She has a name.”

Calico’s mom shook her head. “You know how I feel about this. She’s going to abandon you.”

A lump formed in Calico’s throat. She took a tentative step forward. “I thought Paige was different, but now I’m starting to doubt.”

Her mother opened her arms wide, and calico ran across the shadowed room to be held like the child she was. “Perhaps,” her mother said, “you should leave first. It might hurt less.”

Calico rubbed her cheek on her mother’s shoulder. “Why do they do this to us, mom? When I first saw 
Paige in the mirror I thought we would be best friends forever.”

Gentle claws ran through Calico’s fur. “In their world, you aren’t real. Paige’s parents probably frown on her association with you. Now that she’s getting older, she's wondering if you’re something she made up.”

“But I am real,” Calico said, pulling away to look in her mother’s yellow, red, and brown face. “How could she not know that after all the time we spent together?”

“I’ll tell you what,” Her mother said, “I’ll talk to the council and we’ll see if they can find you a new friend.”

Calico nuzzled back into her mom's shoulder. “Thanks mom, but it’s probably best if I grow up too.”


What was your imagination like as a kid? 


Annalisa Crawford said...

What a great spin on it! Poor Calico - we never think about them when we grow up, do we? Thanks for taking part :-)

Nick Wilford said...

Great piece! How original to tell it from the POV of the imaginary friend. Yeah, they tend to get left behind, sadly!

jaybird said...

My imagination (then and now) has always been off the charts. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one :)

Kyra Lennon said...

That is brilliant! What a clever way to take on the bloghop!

Thanks for joining in!

Elizabeth Seckman said...

What a wonderful twist! Love it!

Charmaine Clancy said...

Little bit sad for Calico, also curious about her world and adventures.

David P. King said...

Awesome! Sadly, I never had an imaginary friend. I imagined having an imaginary friend once, but it didn't quite work out for some reason. :)

Sarah said...

Cute, Jennie! Sounds like something I'd enjoy reading to my girls.